Decorating Tip:Give New Life to Old Stuff

A popular design idea that is floating around lately is an obvious one: use what you already have, but in a new way, to decorate your home. Here’s a personal example, when my husband and I were searching for a new home to purchase, we found one that most people had passed up because it needed a lot of cosmetic work. The carpet is a horrible green shaggy thing (runs the entire two floors) and the walls are crazy colors. Our first plan was to repaint EVERY wall in the house. Well, we haven’t painted a SINGLE wall in the house yet (we’ve been here about three months). I had picked out a nice pale blue color for my sewing room which started as a lime sherbet green. But, as I settled in to my new sewing studio, and as I started adding my accessories to the space, I decided that bright green wasn’t so bad. As it turns out, lime green and pale blue with brown accents all work together pretty well, and I even had some fabric that included those colors which I was able to incorporate into a sewing machine cover. So, before you rush off to the paint store, live in your space for a little while and see if the colors don’t grow on you after awhile. Now, as for the other room which is bubblegum pink with blue trim, and a blue ceiling with white clouds, that will probably get a makeover. 🙂
Also, don’t forget that furniture can take on an entirely new look if it is just moved around a little. There is a show called Decorating Cents on the Home and Garden Television channel which does amazing things by just rearranging furniture. They call it “no cost decorating”. The concept is fairly simple, go around your house and search for items that can be grouped, find an end table from your formal living room, a lamp from the bedroom, and maybe a rug from the closet, and put them all together in your family room and you have a fabulous room that looks put together. Unfortunately, they never really show what the other rooms look like without the end table, the lamp or the rug. And they never reveal that perhaps the home owner had to go out to buy new items for those rooms, but the idea is a good one. Many times people like to collect similar items but don’t even realize they have a collection until someone with a fresh perspective finds it all. Has that ever happened to you?
Finally, think about family or even friends who may be doing some Spring cleaning and may be willing to give you their gently used furniture or accessories. It may be easier to ask family, I know I wouldn’t hesitate to ask my parents for an old chair that they have in their storage room if I thought that I could put it to use, and most of the time they would be happy to see it go where it would be best appreciated. My sister is especially good at dumpster diving (and she always seems to live close to people who throw away cool stuff). She loves to find furniture that people put on the curb for the trash collection and use it in her home. Now, that may sound sort of gross but I promise you, it’s perfectly sanitary, she only salvages old TV armoirs and wooden stools.
Well, that seems to be enough for now. If you read this and have any examples to share of how you reused what you have for decorating, please post.

Until Later Happy Decorating,

Anna L.


January 6, 2007. Quilting.

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