Never Underestimate the Power of Paint

Here are the highlights of today’s topic:

  • Paint is inexpensive
  • Paint is very easy and (depending on size of room) fairly fast
  • Paint can create an entirely different mood in a room
  • Faux finishes can transport you to a far away land without leaving your house

Today’s topic is paint. As you will hear on almost any decorating show, changing the wall color in a room is one of the least expensive ways to instantly change the mood. This is, of course, assuming that you don’t choose the most expensive paint available. Well, even if you do, but you paint the room yourself, you will probably still save money over paying someone to paint it for you. My husband and I painted almost every room in our former house, and we have plans to paint almost every room in our new house. The only issue we have right now is time, since our rooms are pretty big, it will probably be a several day ordeal to paint our living room. Just painting a room with a flat paint can add a lot of drama or just change the mood of the room, but if you want to invoke a sense of taking a trip to another country, consider a faux finish. Most faux finish techniques are fairly easy and just involve one or two special tools to help the process. When I was a junior in high school my parents let me paint my room, I decided to use a sponge to dab on sky blue paint over my white walls, the result, a room amongt the clouds. It broke my heart when they later painted it white in order to sell their house faster (I had moved out to go to college so I got over that heartbreak pretty quickly). Our new house is a wild rainbow of colors on the second floor. The former owners had three kids who requested strange colors for their rooms. One room is a sunny yellow with LIME greed trim, mouldings and light switch and outlet covers. The next room is bubble gum pink with a BRIGHT blue ceiling and matching blue trim, mouldings, light switch and outlet covers. In this room, there are white clouds painted on the ceiling with glow in the dark plastic duckies and smiley faces stuck up there. And the third room is the opposite of the first room, LIME green walls with yellow trim, mouldings, light switch covers and outlets. But as I mentioned in the previous post, the lime green color is growing on me. And, I can probably live with the yellow room because we have designated that room for the “future” nursery (no definate need for it as of yet, but we like to plan ahead). As for the bubble gum room, that is my exercise room at the moment and I am hoping to paint it a soft, calming blue and change out the ceiling color.
My husband helped me pick out paint samples for a new faux finish called bellagio faux that Behr paints is promoting. The results are beautiful but the process seems quite labor intesive. Chris (my dear husband) wants to paint our living room with the vaulted ceilings using this faux technique, I told him we should try it on a smaller room first to see how much work it involves before investing in the supplies to do the entire living room. If you are afraid to change the look of your white walls, just think of it this way, you can always paint it back to the white you had before if you don’t like how it came out. Also, consider purchasing small amounts of the color you like and try it out on a small portion of your wall or even on a design board that you can hang on the wall for a few days to see if you really like the color after all. One last note, pay attention to the sheen (flat, eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss) of the paint you are buying. The former owners of my house painted the walls in the living room a blah brown color and painted the baseboard trim in the same brown but used an enamel of some sort. Then, I guess they decided to go back and do touch ups or something but used the WRONG paint, they used the enamel or glossy to touch up over the flat. It resulted in a very splotchy paint job, which we are just DYING to paint over. The only issue we have, as I said before, is finding the time to paint the entire space. For now, we are just adding art to cover the splotches until we decide on the paint color and find the time. Well, I hope this has helped and that I didn’t digress too much from the topic. Feel free to share your tips or experiences with paint.

Until next time, Happy Decorating,

Anna L.


January 14, 2007. Quilting.

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