Sewing Room and Organization of said room

Lately, I have decided that my sewing room was in need of some organizing. I was especially inspired after reading an article on the Organized Home site about the organization process of the site editor’s sewing space.   I know it’s kinda strange, but I actually I had fun organizing my scraps pile. Here is the scrap pile before, Scrap Pile Before It was just overflowing! Finally it just drove me to decide that I needed to organize it. So I took out all the pieces and started sorting them into groups. Scrap Pile In ProgressI was just amazed by how many usable pieces of fabric I had!  I found out that I had enough flannel left from the last blanket I had to probably make another one. I was so thrilled that when I finished organizing the pile, it all fit neatly back into the bucket, which was hidden from sight in the first picture. Scrap Pile, DONE 

I am also very proud of my newest accomplisment, making a curtain to dress up a boring white bookcase. This bookcase came to me from my parents’ house, it was falling apart and covered in dust.  I used my trusty electric screwdriver to attach the shelves and the back and then cleaned it with a cloth. Here is what it looked like with all the clutter on it,Bookcase Before Today I made a curtain to help hide the clutter on the shelves.  See, here’s the finished product. Bookcase After Much better! I hope someone will read this post and send me a comment. I am sort of a neat freak so I have trouble working in my sewing room if it is too cluttered.  That is why my scrap pile overflowing was driving me nuts!  I hope to post more pictures and fun stuff later.

Happy Stitching,

Anna L.


August 5, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Jean-o replied:

    Hi Anna,
    I happened to read your blog tonight and found that you had moved to another site! Good to see you again!
    Anyway, just want to add my comments… (I’m a bit of a neat freak too!) I just added 3 more huge shelves to my closet (actually a clothes closet that had one shelf, then I added another one… and now since I have sooo much fabric, I had to add another one! There is just something about playing with the fabric that helps me figure what to make next… fun, exciting, and mostly it just feels like a new adventure!
    We have a golden retreiver… we got her from a Retriever Resue. She is a sweetie, she comes and helps me in the sewing room all the time. Yep, I’ve also grabbed her in the nick of time to take away a pin or two… what would we do without them? Just another part of the family.
    Enjoy the sewing while you can. I read somewhere that if you can only grab a few minutes here or there you can still get a lot accomplished… as long as your organized! So, I guess we are set! Take care… enjoy the sewing!
    Jean Cogdill

  2. Farmgirl Quilts replied:

    Good for you for getting organized…. I think it affects me too…..trouble is I’m going to need some heavy equipment to get mine organized!!ha!!

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