Exciting New Project

I have decided that I am going to make a quilt, yes I am actually going to quilt it, for my godson, who will be four in September.  I wanted it to be a birthday present, but considering how long it is taking me to finish getting the pattern ready, I’ll probably be lucky if I get it finished by Christmas.  (I think I’ll make him a couple of pillow cases for a birthday present)  This quilt is going to be very cute, I think. I found an awesome pattern in the Spring 2007 issue of my Quilts and More magazine. It is called Save the Blues and is made from old blue jeans.  Well, it turns out that I just happened to have a large plastic tub of old blue jeans up in my sewing closet! I had been saving them to make into purses someday.  The best part is, even though I chopped the legs off the jeans, I think I can still make a purse out of the top part of the jeans so they will serve a double purpose.  OK, back to the story. The pattern calls for all denims, but I found several fat quarters that I had bought which reflect the things young boys like, i.e. dump trucks, fire trucks, police cars, and anything that has wheels and moves. I know that my godson also likes Thomas the Tank engine but I didn’t have any Thomas fabric, still on the lookout for that.  But nevertheless, I decided that since I had these fat quarters, plus some great solid greens and a checkered white and yellow to add in, all I needed was a solid red and I would be good to go.  You see, I wanted to add in these other fabrics to the pattern and mix it up a bit. Well, as I was about to start I thought, “I should really plan this out before I begin cutting up the fabric,” always a good plan, right?  And since I love to use my computer I thought that perhaps I could scan in the pattern and figure out a way to draw in the fabrics. Then, along those lines I thought, “Why don’t I scan in my fabric and figure out a way to overlay squares of the fabric into the scanned pattern?” Well, that all sounded good in theory, in practicality, I still haven’t gotten to that and it is a day later.  BUT, after a lot of frustration, my dear sister, who just HAPPENED to be visiting all the way from Montana, showed me how I could copy and paste the patterns from one graphic of the fabric, onto the graphic of the quilt pattern! Yeah!! Thanks Ruthie!  I still have yet to do this, but I think, if I ever get it onto paper and then begin to put it together, it is going to be UBER cute! Hopefully I’ll get it done before Joshua’s high school graduation (he’s three).  So, since this is still in the planning stages, I hope I will be able to post pictures of my progress and even frustrations.  I guess this is what I will be doing with my free time now that grad school is DONE.  Until next time,

Happy Quilting,

 Anna L.


August 10, 2007. Uncategorized.

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  1. Barefoot Quilter « Sew Good Sew Far’s Weblog replied:

    […] head and getting it to happen in reality is a whole other monster,  (see my previous post called Exciting New Project).  I have made a cover for my sewing machine, no pattern, just measured the machine and cut fabric […]

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