Late Night Inspiration

Well, it’s rather late and I need to get to sleep since I have to go to work tomorrow. I have had a blissful three days off in a row (love taking Friday off or Monday off to combine it with the weekend!)  I am only halfway looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. We might be learning something new though.  OK, about my inspiration. The other night I spent a good two hours cutting and pasting little images of my scanned fabric onto the scanned picture of the pattern for the quilt I am making.  After those two hours (Friday night/Saturday Morning) I decided that I didn’t have enough fabrics (big suprise) to complete this quilt.  So, Saturday morning, I got up, got dressed, kissed my DH (dear hubby) goodbye and set off on a fabric quest (as DH calls it).  I ended up with PLENTY of fat quarters and even enough fabric to make the pillow cases (for Godson’s birthday). Now I have spent all day Sunday washing the fabric and getting it ready. BUT, I still have to figure out the layout. Well, I have decided that the computer method is a good idea, but takes too long and is sort of cumbersome. SO, I am going to get the denim that I have ready, and figure out if I have enough of that for certain pieces, THEN I am going to lay it out for real and try to get a good idea of how I want it to look.  I did find out that there is a computer program designed just for quilters that will let me add fabrics and put them into a quilt pattern, but that is going on my Christmas list. For now I will just have to work with what I have, real fabric.  I will be posting more pictures soon. My DH let me order the digital camera that I have been pining over for the last three months and it should be arriving sometime this week! Yeah! That’s all for now. Until next time.

 Happy Quilting, Sewing, and Designing,

 Anna L.


August 12, 2007. Uncategorized.

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