Birthday/Christmas Present Progress

I haven’t made too much progress on the blanket or the pillow cases. I really need to work on them today when I get home. I think I will go upstairs to my sewing room and get started on the pillow cases. It shouldn’t take me too long to get them done. I might even get them done before dinner! (OK, maybe dinner tomorrow night) If I get my camera in the next couple of days I will post pictures of the fabric for the pillow cases. His quilt is going to be made of fabrics of things little boys like, with a slight emphasis on trains since I know he likes those. I hope he still likes them at Christmas!  Hmm, perhaps I should give his mom a call and make sure he likes trains still before I get going. Well, I guess I could, but his birthday is in September and his mom said in July that he still liked Thomas the Tank Engine, which is a cartoon about trains. So, I’ll probably be safe. Plus, if he doesn’t like them, I’ll give them to my other friend who has two boys who are slightly younger.  I find that bridging the gap between my friends who are single and my friends who are married and have kids is difficult. One way or another I am always losing touch with them.  I guess I need to find friends who are married but don’t have kids yet.  Although I do love to make things for my surrogate nephews (what I call my friends’ children).  I can’t wait for someone to have a baby girl because I just love all that pink and frilly fabric out there! Perhaps I will have a girl, but that won’t be for another couple of years. Oh well, I’ll just try to enjoy life without children for now. OK, sorry to ramble. Back to work and hopefully back to quilting. Until next time.

 Happy doing-whatever-makes-you-happiest,

Anna L.


August 14, 2007. Uncategorized.

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