Update: Montana, Reading and Sewing

On August 28th my mom and I returned from a wonderful trip to beautiful Bozeman, MT.  While we were there visiting my sister we also happened to be able to visit a quilt show at Quilting In The Country. I promise I will post pictures of those beautiful quilts very soon. I think one of the best things about that show was the atmosphere, all the quilts were hung up on three different barns/buildings and along the fence rail. Plus the mountain scenery was just awesome!  OK, I know, pictures, later!  Acutally, you can get a sneak peek at some pictures on my sista’s blog (see blogroll at right).  She posted one of an amazing quilt we saw made with the tiniest pieces of what appeared to just be a collection of different scraps of fabric, but it was the neatest way of putting them into a quilt.  While we were in Montana we visited a local thrift store (have to do that whenever I am with my sister) and I happened to purchase a novel about a young woman who learns to quilt called The Quilter’s Apprentice. Well, little did I know that this was the first book in a series of books that I have been wanting to read called the Elm Creek Quilters!  Now I am hooked on the series and have already searched out my local library to see if they have the next one. Turns out they do, but since it was checked out they are going to get it for me from another library in town.  Yeah!  Until that time I have about three other books to finish.  One of the best times I spent while in Bozeman was the time my sister and I spent on Monday, August 27th, reorganizing her office/craft room.  You can see more pictures of that on her blog, but we were both thrilled with the results.  Now she has plenty of space to pursue her sewing/knitting/stitching hobbies.  I recently found out that she really likes to knit so I am going to keep that in mind for the future.  Meanwhile, not much has happened on the sewing/quilting front.  Right before we were about to leave for the airport to leave for Bozeman, I decided to sew a quick bag for my other pair of shoes that would go in my suitcase. I just made a quick pocket by sewing around three side of the fabric and then folded the top down on either side and stiched to make a “pocket” for the draw string which was some ribbon I had.  I’ll post a picture of that whenever I get the baggie out of the dryer.  I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the projects for my godson. I guess I should do that soon, since his party is on, gulp, SATURDAY! Unfortunately, I cannot attend his party since I will be learning how to teach SAT prep, but my hubby will be there and needs that pillowcase!  I did get my godson some backup presents just in case but I need to finish the sewing project. AHH!! That’s about it for now. Hope to post my progress on those UFOs pretty soon.

 Until next time, happy sewing,

Anna L.


September 6, 2007. Uncategorized.

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  1. Jean-o replied:

    I also have gotten hooked on Quilter’s Apprentice! Although, I found the books when there were only 3. She has a whole batch of them now. Matter of fact I got my mother in law reading them (a former quilter… she got me started! Her health isn’t good any more, so she has stopped quilting… of 4 daughters and 3 steps and 1 daughter in law…. there are only 2 of us that quilt!) she is enjoying them too. It’s hard to stop when you know you don’t have the next book!
    I’m enjoying your blog. Have fun with the shirts and quilts… not enough time in the day to sew and read too!

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