Card trick block and other news

I finally got the card trick block figured out. It is sitting there, all perfectly cut, waiting for me to get the time to sew it together, and that is only the practice block that I made!  I think, just for kicks, I may try to write out instructions as I go along, just to see if I can write them in an easily understandable way.  You see, my background is teaching, and my Masters is in Instructional Technology, and throughout my masters degree program, I got a lot of practice writing processes in an understandable way. I want to put that to good use. Perhaps, if I can do it, I’ll post it on here, with, of course, pictures of the finished product.  The other news is that I am very proud of myself and my husband.  We have been facing the possibility of a financial pay cut (by A LOT) and that has really made us re-evaluate how and where we spend money. We planned ALL our meals out in advance (thanks to an idea from a news clip I saw about a family of 9 who lives on $35000 a year) and even though we haven’t exactly stuck to the plan completely, we have really cut our food bill by A LOT.  Of course, the month is only have way over, but usually by this time, we have spent our entire food budget and this month, we didn’t.  What does this have to do with sewing? Not much, except that if the job situation changes for the better, meaning that if my job continues due to a contract renewal or if I get a new job, then it will mean that we will be able to save more and eventually have more money for FABRIC! OK, that’s not exactly a good reason, but I can relate practically anything back to sewing, fabric, quilting, or a book that I read on those subjects.  Speaking of good books, I recently finished the second of Debbie Macomber’s books The Shop on Blossom Street. I originally thought this book was about the characters in the previous book who planned to open a flower shop, but it was about, of all things, KNITTING!  Very strange, but it goes back to my sister, who really likes to knit. The best part? I checked out this book from the library and plan to return it today, BEFORE it is due! Yeah! That’s a big accomplishment for me because I am notorious for forgetting to return a book. In fact, and I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, but when I went to check out my books, they told me I had a $15 overdue fine from back in DECEMBER! I only had $13 on me at the time, but I plan to settle that account when I go back today to return my books and get some new ones. Well, until next time.

Happy Stitching,

 Anna L.


September 14, 2007. Uncategorized.

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