New Year’s Resolution, in September

Yes, I am perfectly aware that New Year’s isn’t for another three months, but I have decided something and I didn’t know any other way to word it.  Well, given that our budget a home is pretty tight, and given that the job situation is rocky, at best, and given that I have WAY too many UFOs at this moment, I have come to a decision.  I am NOT going to buy ANY more fabric or kits – gulp- until I finish the projects I already have pending.  One exception to that rule is that I am going to need to get the yardage and batting to finish a charm bag for my mom, but other than that, NONE! In fact, some of the UFOs I have right now could become wonderful Christmas presents IF I start RIGHT NOW! Here is a preliminary list of the UFOs or HSY (haven’t started yet) projects I have:

a) Christmasy patchwork blanket (HSY, no quilting, just baste, tie and bind, EASY)

b) Sienna patchwork blanket (HSY same idea as above, but smaller)

c)  Bloom wall hanging (HSY just bought that this weekend and it’s AWESOME)

d) Rabbit quilt as you go kit (HSY, bought in Montana, it’s adorable)

e) Patwork Mountain small “Friends” wall hanging kit (HSY this is a sister to sister project, maybe)

f) Godson’s pillow case (HSY)

g) Godson’s train quilt (HSY)

h) Curtains for sewing room (HSY)

i) Curtains for office (HSY)

j) Be Jolly and Snowman wall hangings (UFO, just need to piece them)

k) Charm bag for mom with Acorn Hollow charm pack (HSY)

l) 2 or 3 crazy quilt block of the month kits (HSY)

m) Pieces of eight quilt (UFO, need to baste, quilt and bind it)

Wow, that is a lot! I need to get started.  If I only work on the above projects, I’ll have enough to last me AT LEAST until the next shop hop in April! If I could complete one project per month, I have enough for the next 13 months, more than a year! Wow! Well, I think I will have plenty to keep me busy, that’s for sure.  As I always promise, I’ll try to post pictures along the way. I am going to make a printed list of all these projects and pin it up in my sewing room. Then I can cross each one off as I finish it. I think I can get that patchwork blanket done pretty quickly.  Maybe even tonight! We’ll see. Until next time.

Happy Quilting,

Anna L.


September 17, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. veganruthie replied:

    LOL too cute! Don’t post any pictures of presents for me because I read your blog. 🙂

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