Frugality, Frenchy Bag, and other stuff

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, A LOT of blogs. If they come from clicking a link from my sister’s blog, they usually come from someone who is VERY environmentally conscious and frugal and usually vegetarian or vegan.  Most of those blogs inspire me to also be environmentally conscious (I try to recycle EVERYTHING that I possibly can) be more frugal, but NOT become vegetarian.  I slipped a little yesterday though. Lately my shoes have been bothering me. They are falling apart and because I sort of drag my feet when I walk, I realized that these shoes have become worn on the outer edges of the heels. So, I decided to go shoe shopping after work. It was fun and I found three pairs of shoes on sale that fit, are comfortable and will work for work shoes or casual shoes.  Well, that was fine, but then I decided to go over to Ross Dress for Less, since it was in the same shopping center and since I needed new clothes anyway.  I went a little crazy in there, although I did get some great bargains.  My DH didn’t really flinch too hard when I told him I bought some clothes, he just wanted to know “How much?”  He knows that I haven’t bought new clothes in a really long time and this will be a good way to transition to my new job.  So, I slipped on the frugality part, but on the brighter side, we have saved money on groceries, probably about $50 this month. That’s pretty good! It just took a little planning.

Now, about the sewing stuff, my DH also consented to let me order my birthday present early.  It is the Frenchy Bag kit from the Fat Quarter Shop.  This was their Friday special last week and it so fits me and my love of bags and Amy Butler fabric!  I told DH that even though my birthday isn’t until the end of October, I needed to order the kit RIGHT NOW because they might not have any more by that time. He agreed and so I ordered it!  Yeah! He only made one condition, I have to wait until my actual birthday to open the package. That’s fine with me. I have PLENTY of other projects to keep me busy.

Update on Christmas projects: I have pinned the binding strips on the patchwork blanket.  I hate doing binding so I have been putting this off for a few days. By the time I got it all pinned on last night, I was too tired to even sew it on!  I am trying to find an easier technique for finishing the binding that looks better than the traditional flip, fold, and stitch in the ditch method. I really don’t know how to do the hand sewing so you can bet I won’t be trying that any time soon.  Plus, I would really like to get this thing done, BEFORE Christmas and if I have to hand stitch something, it won’t be.  I also found some free patterns for very cool fall/autumn/Halloween wall hangings and was tempted to start working on those, but then I remembered ALL the projects I already have so those patterns will go in my file for the future.  I think I will stop by Plain Jane’s Folk Art Fabric store today to get some yardage so that I can complete my mom’s Charm Bag. She found a charm pack with beautiful fall fabrics and asked me to make her a bag just like mine. This is what my charm bag looks like.  

Charm Bag with Chez Moi FabricI used a charm pack called Chez Moi and they have a new line of darker colors coming out and I just love that one!  I can never look at charm packs in the same way ever again. So, I need to get the yardage for the handles and lining plus a little magnetic snap. And if they have any fusible fleece, I need to get some of that as well.  That means I have to go to a fabric store after work, oh darn! But the best part is that it is for a Christmas present so I have a justification for going there. Yeah! (As if I really needed an excuse to go to a fabric store.) I just wish I could find a job that requires me to visit fabric stores all the time as part of my research. Hmm, don’t know what job that would be. I am also feeling very snazzy today because of the new clothes that I purchased yesterday. I feel very put together and downright cute!  I hope that during my week off next week I will be able to actually make a couple more skirts for work and maybe even a nice top. I am not really very experienced with garment construction so this could be a whole new adventure! Well, until next time.

Happy Quilting,

 Anna L.



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