Marathon Week of Sewing

patchwork-blanket.jpgcardtrick-complete.jpg  I finished the Christmasy Patchwork blanket! It looks like much more work than it really was.  The store where I purchased the kit calls this a Practically Done blanket. Just pin, tie the corners, and bind. It’s so easy! The top is already pre  pieced.  I made one last year for my sister for Christmas and decided to make one this year for my mom.

Here is my finished cardtrick block practice block.  It was so much work I don’t know if I will ever finish the one that came with the kit.

This week, Oct 1st through 5th is my one week vacation before I start my new job on Monday.  a.k.a. Marathon Week of Sewing I finished the patchwork blanket but need to do some clean up on the binding.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am planning to visit my mother in law and spend the day working on at least two projects.  One is the Acorn Hollow Charm bag for my mom, the other is the Bloom Wall Hanging. I hope to get two or three other projects finished this week because I probably won’t have much time after this week for sewing.     moon.jpg 

This is not sewing related but the moon was just beautiful the other night. I actually was able to get a halfway decent picture of it with my new camera. It was just so pretty that I couldn’t help trying to snap a few pictures. Apparently, in China there is a festival to celebrate the night when the moon is the brightest. This year they celebrated on Tuesday but the best moon was on Thursday, when I took this picture. 

Happy Stitching Until Next Time,

 Anna L.


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