Life Update, Sewing Goals, Things to be Happy About

Life Update

I started my new job last week on Monday. This is the end of my second week. I really like the people I work with and have felt like I fit in and am not lost!  (That’s a good thing when starting a new job.)  I even have my own office, with a phone and an extension, ooooh. 

Sewing Goals

We are getting ready to take a long drive up to Plantersville, TX for the 33rd annual Texas Renaissance Festival.  This is our 12th or 13th visit and we have never missed a year since we started attending! It’s very hard to believe.  So, my goal is to get my DH to drive and to let me work on my applique project for someone’s Christmas present. Unfortunately, probably won’t be enough good light to do this on the trip out there so on the way home, maybe. I still plan to probably work on it at the hotel, depending on what time we arrive.

Here is a quick list of my Things to be Happy About:

1) Protected left turn lights (without them I would never turn left!)

2) Internal air circulation in my car (especially helpful when driving past a field of cows or a dairy farm)

3) Blogs that let me communicate with my family (including my sista‘s blog)

4) Good health, a great husband, and general happiness with life (thanks!)

5) Hybrid cars that get 48 miles per gallon when I have spent most of the last two weeks stitting in bumper to bumper traffic. (It actually gets better mileage in stop and go traffic!)

6) Getting along with my in laws who are always willing to puppy sit their “grandpuppies” for a weekend

7) A wonderful mother in law who introduced me to the world of sewing, quilting and Berninas

8) A wonderful mom who bought me the EQ quilting program which I LOVE.

9) Wonderful, supportive parents

10) The beautiful view of the San Antonio skyline that I see every morning when I go up the stairs to my office (but not on air quality alert days, except today it was beautiful!)

 So that’s my list, I could probably add about fifty more things, but I will stop at 10 for now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, productive weekend. (This is my first two day weekend in a month and a half and I plan to live it up!!)

Until next time, 

Happy Quilting, Sewing, Stitching,

Anna L.

a.k.a. The Barefoot Quilter 


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