Cooler Weather=More time for sewing, maybe

We returned from our trip to Plantersville and the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Turns out, I had NO time to work on that applique project. I was either driving, or it was too dark or I was too tired to work on it.  Thankfully, my Dear Hubby drove the ENTIRE trip home (four hours) so I could rest because I had to work today and he didn’t.  So, the funny part, this whole weekend was quite warm for mid October, temps in the 80s, I even got a little sunburned! Then, today when I was getting ready for work I opened the door and WOOOWWEEE it was COLD! Only 54 degrees and that was the high!  It is rainy and cold and makes me want to cuddle up in front of a fire with a good book or, yes, that applique project.  Well, our cable box was messed up when we got home last night so I couldn’t find out more about the weather until I was in the car this morning which means I had to walk to the car in the first place.  This always happens. It’s super warm all the way up until my birthday (Oct 27) and then BOOM cold weather! No pool party for me! That’s OK, now it feels like it should be fall, well, maybe more like winter around here but that’s sort of how it goes in San Antonio.  This is a very chilly reminder that October is almost over and that means only two more months to finish all those Christmas presents for people! Better get cracking!  I will post updates as I have time and hopefully lots and lots of pictures! Until next time, good luck with your fall and winter projects.

 Happy Crafting,

Anna L.

a.k.a Barefoot Quilter


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