Found an Awesome Blog

I found a totally cool blog today. I keep finding these blogs and then I feel like I have found a long lost sister!  The one I found today belongs to Katie and she is a wonderful writer and crafty person.  I especially like that she always puts great pictures up with her posts (which I have yet to do on mine).  I have promised myself that I won’t post any more posts (after this one) without also putting in pictures! The funny part is that as much as I love the functionality of as a blog “hoster” I have had a lot of trouble getting pictures to look good in my posts. So, drop me a line to say hi (please), and then go visit Katie’s blog and her Etsy store! 

I noticed that I have a few lurkers who like to visit my site, but never comment! I have magical powers and can find out every day how many people have viewed my blog, but I would like to know that you are out there. Always feel free to drop me a note to say hi and let me know if you have a blog (because I love to visit other blogs almost as much as I like posting on my own). 

I plan to post some pictures of that mysterious applique project I am working on for someone’s Christmas present. The best part, I am not going to post complete pictures, just close ups. This person, who may be one of those lurkers, will not know what the whole project looks like until they receive it for Christmas! Until next time.

Happy Lurking,


a.k.a. The Barefoot Quilter


October 25, 2007. Tags: , , . Quilting.


  1. hoganfe replied:

    Thanks for info I like your blog also!

  2. Katie replied:

    Hi! Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you enjoy my blog 😉 I can’t wait to see some more picture of your work!!

  3. Jean-o replied:

    Hello, guess I’m one of “those lurkers”. Sorry about that, just enjoying your blog! Great pictures by the by… and well. Just keep up the good work! If I remember right I got your addie from someone at can’t say as I remember who it was now. Just makes me want to read enjoy and then go sew! Thanks for the uplift! Jean

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