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Flower Garden Top

My mother in law and I always have this funny saying when we go shopping for a day. “Who won the shopping trophy for the day?” That is usually the person who found the most stuff or the best bargain. Well, I think that today, I won the shopping trophy, and what I found will become a cherished family heirloom.   My mom and I decided to go to some garage sales today since there was an entire neighborhood sale going on, ON MY BIRTHDAY! But before we got to that one, we took a detour to see what they had this “estate sale” which was in my own neighborhood. I was confused by the term estate sale. When I hear that I usually think that means that either it’s from a very large house, or that someone has passed away and they are basically liquidating all of that person’s belongings.  In this case, it was the latter.  We walked up to the house and noticed several porcelain plates and dishes, most of which reminded me of the items I inherited (because I liked them so much) from my own grandparents.  My mom noticed a blue rubbermaid tub to the right side of the garage, sort of out of sight.  Inside this tub was a quilt top in the design called Mary’s Flower Garden, or what I call Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  Upon further inspection we noticed: 1) It was entirely hand pieced 2) It was very old and had some stains and the white fabric had yellowed slightly 3) It was only a quilt top (usually a gem in itself) 4) The owner wanted more than we wanted to pay (it was a garage sale after all)   I told my mom I had to think about it, because I always get this funny thought when I am at a garage sale that I shouldn’t spend more than a certain amount on one item.  (I don’t know why I thought that though,  today my mom was buying as a birthday present to me.)  My mom suggested that we offer $10 under the asking price, I didn’t want to insult anyone, even though bargaining is to be expected at a garage sale, right? So I went off to inspect some other items and heard my dear mom asking the seller if she would take a lower price for the quilt top. The seller hestiated, then my mom told her that her daughter (me) loves to quilt and sew and wants to finish the quilt or do something to preserve it.  When the seller heard that, she said she was so touched, and in that case, yes she would take our offer, as long as I was going to value the item.  I said, yes, I certainly was!  This is NOT something I am just going to turn around and sell on eBay or anything.  This is important, and even though I didn’t know this woman’s mom, I feel somehow connected to her.  I have always loved the Mary’s flower garden pattern, and for some reason it reminds me of my paternal grandmother.  I don’t think I would EVER have the time or the patience to sit down and piece that many hexagons (you’ve seen what I had to say about hand stitching or applique previously, right?), but someone did one time, and that quilt top deserves to be cherished, even if it is by a stranger (me). I think that this just proves that all quilters are connected by this common thread (pun intended) , which will link us no matter what.  OK, so that was the treasure that I found today. Here are some pictures of this amazing quilt top.  

Flower Detail    Flower Close Up    Hand stitching from the back    More Flowers    Detail of hand stitching 

      Isn’t it amazing to think that someone handstiched this entire top? I don’t blame them for never finishing it. That’s OK, because I completely intend to finish this top and cherish this precious keepsake forever.

Until next time, Happy Stitching,

Anna L.

The Barefoot Quilter


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  1. hoganfe replied:

    What a lucky find!

  2. Jean-o replied:

    Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Anna……. Happy Birthday to You!
    You are young! Just remember that you are as young as you feel! (It’s true… ask your mom!) My birthday is in a few days and I will be 52. Which when I worked at the grade school and the kids asked me how old I was… I just told them I was older than dirt! Funny, (sad too) they believed me! No problem… kids are great… they have soo much life in them! Enjoy your presents, and your talents, it’s great you found them at your early age. I know lots who still don’t think that they have any! I enjoy your site. Take care.
    Jean…. hope you had a great day!

  3. sewgoodsofar replied:

    Happy Birthday! You’re soooo lucky to find such a neat quilt top for that price!!!!!I’ve been bidding on E-bay and the prices get to be way more than I can handle so needless to say I purchased a new kit to make my own! I’ve never handsewn before so we’ll see how it goes! I have to save it for after the holidays, too much to do before then anyway. ( And it’s an early b-day present for me Dec.1, so I need to wrap it for then) By the way, I paid WAY more than $10.00 and I still have to sew it all together, but it was a neat kit and all put together for me, I just have to take out each packet and start sewing! It may take me years to complete, but I’ve always wanted a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt and now I’ll have one! Happy Sewing, Wendy

  4. sewgoodsofar replied:

    I misread, I thought you actually paid $10.00 !!! Sorry, my bad!!!

  5. Leisa replied:

    Happy Birthday!

    This is just wonderful! You are so good at writing, pictures, movies and best of all Quilting!!!!! I will get reading so please keep writing.


  6. Lisa replied:


    What a great find! I am collecting fabric right now to make a grandmother flower garden. I have always wanted one!


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