Happy Halloween!

WARNING: This post is not necessarily about sewing or quilting but I will probably figure out a way to relate it back to those points somehow.

I have always loved Halloween (probably because it is four days after my birthday).  When I was little, my favorite colors were even orange and black!  Now that I am 28 I feel a lot more mature and I am just enjoying the fall weather we have been having here in south Texas. Usually we have one season here, HOT, interrupted by a few cold fronts with LOTS of rain in the winter. But, in the past couple of years, I have noticed it has been cooler in the summers (barely reaching 100 degrees) and wetter.  Then, in the winters it has been dryer but last winter we had a freeze for two days that shut down the roads and the schools and EVERYTHING! It was awful for someone who is paid hourly and had to spend the next three days working 10 hours shifts to make up for it (me) while my husband, who is a teacher, got those days off and still got paid his usual salary. Granted, he had to make those days up at the end of the year, but that’s a small sacrifice and the district usually plans in a couple of “bad weather makeup days” for the students anyway. OK, I digress, sorry.  As I said, this year the weather has been awesome! All last week we had cooler mornings in the 50s! Then it usually warmed up to the upper 70s by the end of the day. Figures that today the high is 84 degrees!  At least the kids can wear their costumes and not worry about freezing their tails off, as I am sure they will do in Bozeman, MT, where my sister lives.  This is the first year that my hubby and I will be passing out candy.  Last year we chickened out, turned off the lights, and went out for dinner. This year I am looking forward to passing out candy. I think I may even dress up in my Renaissance costume from the Ren Fest. Won’t that be a surprise for the kiddos, they are in costume, but they probably aren’t expecting the person handing out candy to be in costume too!  We’ll see how tired I am when I get home.  My luck, I will dress up and then all the kiddies will go to the mall for “safe” trick or treating. I did notice last year that most of the houses on my street were very dark. I hope we have kiddos coming this year. Well, I made a graveyard cake, in honor of this spooky day. I took a picture with my camera phone, so I applogize for the quality. I have better pictures at home but I won’t be able to post them until tonight, so I wanted to post something today. The ghosts are just made from white icing I had. It was actually really fun to make. Those are crushed up oreos on the top. And of course, the traditional Milanos cookies for the grave stones. The cake itself is a devil’s food cake. Strangely appropriate. I hope it is as yummy as it is scary!

 Graveyard Cake

Now for something related to sewing. I worked on the Christmas applique project last night. Finished one and a half more flowers. Only one and a half more to go, then the leaves, then…oops don’t want to give too much away!  I will try to post most pictures of that soon as well. I am starting to feel like I am really making some progress. Turns out my guild meeting is a week from tomorrow! So if I want to have it finished in time for show and tell, I really need to work on it every day this week! I hope to be putting the final touches on it by Sunday, that’s my goal at least. OK, sorry this post was soooo long. Hope you have a happy, spooky Halloween!

Happy Spooking and Sewing,

Anna L.

P.S. Just wait until I have kids, won’t it be fun to make their costumes every year!



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