Garage Sales: Junk or Treasure Hunts You Be the Judge

Here is a post from my Budget Decorating Blog. I was trying to import all the posts over from that blog and this is the only one that showed up. So, it’s slightly off topic but somehow I think it still relates. Just ignore the link back to this blog. 

Topics in this post include:

  • Apologies
  • Garage Sales: The bargain hunter’s dream
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Frugal Decorating

I apologize for not posting much in the last couple of months. Several things have happened in my life. 1) I got a new job and have had to adjust to that and 2) I started a sewing blog and have gotten caught up in that excitement. I am considering moving this blog over to combine with my sewing blog. But, for now it will reside here on Blogger. I suppose another reason I haven’t posted is that I haven’t done much in the way of decorating lately. My previous posts were inspired by projects I was doing around the house but with my new job, I haven’t had much time to do anything.

I did go to a few garage sales back in the summer and just last weekend actually. Since we moved to a new neighborhood with a lot of other neighborhoods around it, I found out that the summer is a great time to go to garage sales. In addition, I found out that the best time to go to a garage sale is when an entire neighborhood is having a garage sale. Then, you can just hop from one sale to another without having to drive very far. The only down side is that the best time of day to go to garage sales is as early as possible. Well, I am certainly not a morning person so I am not sure that I get the best items possible but I did score an awesome vintage quilt top last weekend on my birthday. Read more about that here on my other blog. My mom has started a collection of pictures which she gets for a dollar or two at each sale. I think every time we have gone to a garage sale she has bought a picture of some sort. I scored a couple of really neat vintage/Victorian pictures at a sale back in the summer, probably July. I’ll try to remember to post pictures soon. I think those are either going to go in my shabby chic room or the (future)nursery.

I finally got out the decorations for Halloween about a week before the big day. I don’t have very many. I did find a neat sign that said “Trick or Treat” and had a Jack-o-Lantern guy that I hung outside by our front door. I think we bought it last year on sale at a cutesy touristy store in Fredericksburg, TX. (I had forgotten that we even had it!) I also hung our fall wreath on the door as well. That, along with the mums in different fall colors are all I did to decorate for Halloween and fall this year. I have had some trouble keeping the mums alive. (I sort of have a brown thumb.) As much as I have watered them, they still want to droop and fade. I blame it on the weather that can’t make up its mind to be cold or warm. Oh well, I didn’t expect them to last very long, they are annuals anyway. (My husband won’t accept that answer. He just keeps watering them even though they are wilting.) I guess my point here is that it is really easy to decorate in a way that is simple yet looks pretty good. Thankfully, no one on my block decided to purchase a crazy inflatable pumpkin or ghost this year. We did enjoy the trick-or-treaters visiting last night though. It was our first year to actually turn the light on and pass out candy. We came to one realization, the parents with the kids had the better end of the deal. They didn’t have to continuously run to the door. They just went along and some even dressed up and expected candy! OK, sorry that is off the subject.

I will try to be better about posting to this blog (especially if I move it over to link with my wordpress blog, it will be easier to post to). I do have several more ideas about decorating on a budget. This is sort of a challenge for me because I have rather expensive taste but I like to see how I can “borrow” ideas in a less expensive way. I found a great website for that yesterday called the the Frugal Hack. This post in particular is exactly what I am talking about. Check it out! I will be adding more websites such as this to my blog roll very soon. Until Next Time.

Happy Frugal Decorating,

Anna L.


November 1, 2007. frugal hackers, garag sale finds, holiday decorating.

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