Quilter’s Acronymns and QuiltSpeak

In the quilting and sewing world, there are several acronymns that have been created to make it easier to talk to each other. Really, I think we just want to be able to discuss our unfinished projects without upsetting the spouses who are unknowingly financing them, heehee.  I learned a few new acronymns the other day and would like to share them with everyone, mostly just to give you a good laugh, but also to inform you, so that you can feel like you know what people are talking about.  Maybe we should term this “quiltspeak” because it’s almost like another language.

UFO= UnFinished Object (or Objective)  This is a project that is in various stages  of completion, whether that be that the fabric has been washed, cut or even an assembled quilt top that is yet to be quilted.

WIP= Works In Progress Almost the same as a UFO and some could be the same but I think this probably refers to something a person is currently working on, as compared to a UFO that is sitting in a box or room somewhere waiting patiently to be completed.

HSY= Haven’t Started Yet  This is one I made up for myself. I have several kits and projects that I plan to start, eventually, but just haven’t had the time.  When I take these off my list of UFOs, the list gets smaller and I feel much better.

PIGS= Projects In Grocery Sacks  Down here in the South, we don’t usually use the word “Sacks” we use “bags” but PIGB doesn’t really make much sense.  I thought this one was especially funny because I just noticed the other day that I have two or three PIGS under the cutting table in my sewing room! I guess that’s what they mean when they say my sewing room is a PIG Sty!   Grocery Sacks can also refer to those items you brought home and haven’t yet taken out of the bag from the fabric store (the Sack doesn’t have to be from the Grocery, unless they sell fabric, hmm what a concept).

FAT= Fabric Aquisition Team  The headquarters of the local San Antonio FAT is in my home (haha) and I call it the FAT head Quarters.  This, by the way, is NOT a body part!

FQ= Fat Quarter  An 18″ by 22″ cut of fabric. It is equal to a quarter of a yard but is cut differently in order to get the most benefit from the cut of the fabric. Used and collected by quilters because they are less expensive than an entire yard and can be used in several different ways. Also NOT a body part.

IBFF= I Break For Fabric  I made this one up, but I thought it was funny!

I am sure there are many other acronymns to add to this list. Can you think of any to add? Just leave me a comment and I’ll post updates to the list.

Until next time, stay in stitches and don’t let the PIGS take over your sewing room!




November 2, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.


  1. scrappylady replied:

    Good thing your brain thinks faster then mine, your idea worked, new account, new name, now I no longer look like such a copy cat!!!! POGS, or POOGS isn’t quite as cute as PIGS but it’s gonna have to do, cuz I really need to organize my sewing stash! I can’t even hang anything on the neat sweater organizers ( I’ve even thought of that before) because it’s too full of clothes and so is every other closet in the house ( 5 kids, remember) so it’s in boxes on the floor in my walk in closet, boxes in the garage, and even in my crawl space. I really have way too big of stash. I’m seriously considering opening an account and letting people bid on it on E-bay. I need to go through and seperate into 3 piles. #1 the things I WANT to keep #2 the things I NEED to give to charity #3 the things I HAVE to let someone else have. I have seen some dang cute kits on E-bay that I HAD to ignore because I really don’t have room for one more thing! That’s what gave me the idea to sell my stuff there. It’s kind of exciting to think about organizing better, but kind of sad to think of letting some of it go. I know there’s NO WAY I will ever get everything done though, and it’s a shame to have them hide as PIGS any longer!!!! Thanks for helping me to feel more ambitious about this!!!! Wendy P.S. I probably should have thought a little harder and come up with a cuter name, but I was suprised this one wasn’t taken. It was the 1st one that came to my mind. It almost seemed too easy!

  2. Windmill City Quilts replied:

    I like your witty way of making it fun to talk about. I will need to find some more fun terms to send your way. My wife has been a sewing and quilting nut for a while, but it is all new to me. I must admit it is a little overwhelming at times but fun none the less. I am new to blogging too so if you find anything fun about quilts or quilting issues please send it my way.

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