Beginner’s Quilting Class and Pictures

I just got back from my beginning quilter’s class about 45 minutes ago. I really need to go to sleep but I am sort of hyped up from the class. It isn’t every night that a quilt store will stay open after hours and let a person shop! The class was from 7 to 9 and we spent another hour shopping for the perfect fabric for our quilts! My mom agreed to take the class with me and she even paid for my class fee!!! Wow, thanks so much mom! She knows that I am going to let her use my sewing machine.  The class is six sessions and each session we will learn to do one or two blocks and then the last two classes cover the other stuff like binding, backing, batting and quilting.  I think they have a potluck a couple of weeks after the last class to show off the quilts! Yeah! I am sew excited! Plus, we were supposed to pick three fabrics, so I helped my mom pick her’s out and then I had to find mine, well, I found four that I LOVED instead of just three. Someone, who was taking the class again, but who was more experienced said that you could make the quilt with four colors! Amazing! So, I went ahead and bought 1.5 yards of the fourth fabric as well. They said I could also use it as sashing, yeah!  I think it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL when it’s done. I hope I have enough to make it into something I can put in my shabby chic room. I didn’t take a picture of the fabrics before I threw them in the wash, so you’ll have to wait for those pics. In the mean time, as promised, here is a picture of the first step of my Frenchy Bag. I cut out ALL the pieces.Frenchy Bag See!?

By the way, my quilting class instructor, name Candace has a new acronym to add to the list. NESY (pronounced nessie) it stands for Not Even Started Yet.  She says she prefers to call them NESYs as compared to UFOs.  I like that much better than my HSY (Haven’t Started Yet) acronym. I just realized that I added another project to my NESY list with this new quilt class but we will be accountable to finish two blocks every other week. Plus, my mom is there with me so we are going to work on ours together! Yeah! I just got the new issue of Quilts and More and it is FABULOUS! Of course. Plus, I got this other one called Quilters Quarters or something like that and it is AWESOME too! OK, have to go to sleep now.

Happy Quilting,



November 7, 2007. Quilting.


  1. Violette replied:

    Enjoy the class. I started quilting over 20 years ago at one of these classes. This will be the beginning of a wonderful hobby.

  2. fatiah replied:

    Gee, that’s fun – going class with your mum. Is she blogging too? If she is, we all can have the chance to admire her quilting too.

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