I just remembered something else from my class last night, the instructor said that she does not try to match her thread color to the fabric she is working with. She said she uses a white thread on the top stitch and a grey in the bobbin. I never thought of this before but I guess it makes sense.  In the end, no one is really going to see the thread (assuming the quilt top gets finished into a completed quilt) and in quilts that have multiple colors how do you pick a color to use?  It made me feel silly though, because for the last three years, whenever I buy fabric to make a project, I have purchased matching thread as well. She suggested just purchasing a larger spool of the grey, white or black and I think she even said cream is OK as well.  This saves money which mean, MORE money for FABRIC!  Plus, you don’t need seven hundred bobbins so that you can have one to match every thread. Wow, this is just brilliant! OK, so what do you think? Do you agree with this idea or do you think that thread should always match? Please reply.

Happy Piecing, 

Anna L.


November 7, 2007. Quilting.


  1. AllenQuilts replied:

    I do my piecing with a nice neutral grey, or if the fabrics are lighter, a cream or tan. I have noticed that if I use a thread that is a lot lighter (or darker) than my fabrics, it can sometimes show just a little bit at the seam. But no, I do not buy thread to match for my piecing. I keep plenty of neutrals on hand for all my piecing. However, I do try to keep an assortment of colors on hand for those bindings…whether stitched down by hand or machine, as those will need to match.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    I tend to use the w/blk/cream threads for piecing. I always go with the lightest color I am using for fabric. So if I am making a blk & white quilt, I would use the white thread for piecing. Carol Doak, foundation piecing guru, had a great tip in a class I went to – she said that if your thread ever “peeks” out, use a PIGMA pen to color it. So if the white thread shows on the black fabric, touch it up with a black PIGMA pen and no one will ever know!

  3. Leisa replied:

    Hi! I did leave you a message on the other site. But after reading again I was wondering why she uses gray bobbin and white on top? I agree with AllenQuilts. I do the same as she does.

    I was thinking about your sister this morning and wanted to know if she found her dog yet? We always worry about our animals. We also have coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats and not real offen but we do have brown bears. I will watch your site to see if you get any news.

    I was telling my friend about you last night. I am going to give her your web address for this site. Her name is Peggy.

    I hope the charms are rolling in. The post office told me you should recieve my package by Friday. It only weighed 3oz. and you don’t have to delivery to a post person in the post office as long as it weighs 13 oz. or less. I misunderstood, I thought you did have to take it to the post office at any weight. Sorry.

    I hope you are happy with what I have sent. Take care. Leisa

  4. Lisa wheeler replied:

    I do not buy maching thread. I tend to use grey, white, black, cream, navy blue depending on the color of the fabric. Grey’s are great because they tend to take on the color of the fabric you are using. I do match my binding thread or use something that is close.

  5. Dallas replied:

    I would have never thought of that, but it’s a great suggestion. Thanks.

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