Chart Topper – THANKS!

I don’t know if wordpress is just messed up or what but it is telling me that I have had 130 people look at my blog, just today! That is amazing.  Usually I am happy if 20 people look at it.  You all have completely blown the last record day of 87 posts WAY out of the water.  Thank you for visiting. I hope you return. I have met some AWESOME quilters and I am so happy to be in touch with you!  I have added several more blogs to my blogroll so please take a moment to check those out as well.  Quilters are such friendly, wonderful people and it is so fun to meet everyone.  Thanks for those of you who have left comments as well. That lets me know that some real humans are reading my blog, not just spammer computers.  The greatest thing I think is that through this blog and through one of my favorite sites, All People Quilt, I have “met” so many different pattern and fabric designers. I have even chatted with a few of them who are so extremely down to earth people, it’s great! But the coolest part is that when I was looking through my latest issue of Quilts and More, the articles were talking about people who I have actually chatted with through e mail and blogs! I thought that was so awesome!  It was so neat to see that Karen Snyder from Anna Lena’s quilt shop up in Washington state has a pattern in the magazine featuring her new line of fabric. Well, I got onto Karen’s shop e mail list because the name of her shop is so similar to my name, Anna Luna.  We have sent a few e mails back and forth and now I feel like I know a celebrity (although she may not remember me but that’s OK).  Also, Cori Derken and Myra Harder (Blue Meadow Designs)are featured in the same magazine with one of their patterns and I have e mailed with them a few times. It is so cool to know these celebrities of the quilting world. And I do consider the fabric and pattern designers to be celebrities maybe even more than people like Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  That is mostly because without the fabric and pattern designers, where would we be? I suppose we will just call them a different sort of celebrity.  Alex Anderson has really made sewing and quilting easier and Ricky Tims is a great embroidery designer, right? I know he teaches workshops about digitizing and doing embroidery for a business.  Maybe through this form of “networking,” by accident really, I will someday make my dream of working in the fabric industry come true. Whether it’s selling fabric or testing patterns or something, that is my dream and by meeting so many wonderful quilters I hope it can come true. But for now, I am just going to enjoy meeting so many people all over the country! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you will return soon. Oh yeah, and join my charm swap, thanks!

Happy Stitching, Quilting, Blogging,


P.S. I will post pictures of my sampler blocks soon.


November 8, 2007. Quilting.


  1. Leisa replied:

    Hello Anna, I am looking forward to seeing your photo’s. I am so surprised that more people have not wanted to join in the charm exchange. Just a little note to let you know that this is the second time today that I have visited your site here. Like I told you before I enjoy reading your articles. Leisa

  2. allworldarticles replied:

    Good Job!

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