Do Me a Favor

OK everyone. Do me a favor. Get up, go and look at your stash, if you have two fat quarters that are looking kind of rejected, but seem to be related to some holiday, consider sending them to me to be swapped with someone else’s.  Well, chop them up into 5″ charms before you send them. All you need is TWO fat quarters for this, that’s about 1/2 yard of fabric. You will get back 24 different charms! That’s probably enough to do a border on a cute wall hanging or to start an awesome table runner!  If you have checked your stash (and I know you have one) and you have those two lonely, neglected fat quarters, e mail me right now, and tell me you want to send them to a new home.  I have posted requests on three different lists, this blog and a quilter’s forum and have only had 5 (That’s FIVE) people respond that they want to participate. I have already gotten one package from one of them and the charms are awesome!  The complete guidelines are listed in a previous post called A Charming Charm Swap.  I hesitated at first about making this swap “public” on my blog because I thought I would have TOO MANY replies. I haven’t had any! Granted, my sister’s dog ran away and that has taken precedence in the subject category, but please consider this swap. It is EASY and it will be fun to get a package in the mail, just in time for Christmas, or whatever holiday you observe! Thank you for your time. I will post later about the Split Rail Fence block that I completed last night and anything else exciting that happened at my quilt guild meeting. We are supposed to have the Singing Quilter tonight, supposedly very funny.  Thank you for all your comments and e mails, I SOO enjoy meeting other quilters from around the country and around the globe! Quilters are AWESOME!

Happy Swapping,


aka The Sad Swapping Queen 


November 8, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Quilting.

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