Gramma Groff

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately. (Should be obvious since I post two or three times a day!) I have been thinking about my love of quilting and sewing and my passion for the current trends in fabrics and designs.  I know that my current job is not the fulfilling job that I always thought I would have. I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I am extremely grateful that I have this job and I really enjoy working with the people here, but the work is not very satisfying, as of yet. So, I have been thinking about what I want to do about that. I really want to pursue my hobby in some sort of semi profitable way. How I am going to do that, I have no idea yet, but there are some ideas brewing up there. But, this is a little off the topic. I was talking to my dad the other day, and brainstorming about ways to help him with a non profit organization he is trying to start. I told him that I had looked up some options for classes about starting a business and then I said, “I guess I just have an entrepreneurial spirit.” He replied that I get that from my grandmother.  I was SO thrilled to hear that because my grandmother was an avid quilter! She made a quilt for EVERY one of her 23+ grandchildren and then some.  She also owned a small ceramics business for awhile. I plan to really interview my dad more about Gramma Groff because I didn’t really know her very well.  In college I took a class about inquiry and research and we had to find an artifact that spurred a lot of questions in our brains. Then we had to approach those questions from several different perspectives. I LOVED that class, by the way.  My artifact was the quilt I had gotten from my grandmother after she passed away.  This project started as research about quilting, I wanted to know about the history, the geometry, if quilting could be a profitable business (there’s that entrepreneurial spirit again), and then I went off on a tangent (no big surprise there) and began researching my dad’s side of the family.  They were originally Pennsylvania Dutch, which were Germans who actually settled in Iowa (that makes so much sense, doesn’t it?). I searched birth and marriage and death records on-line and had a lot of fun with this project.  So, I think that even though my mother in law taught me how to actually sew on a sewing machine, my Gramma Groff was the one who taught me about quilting (indirectly).  I think that her spirit guides me in some ways.  (I hope that’s not too creepy.) The quilt she made is on my bed and there it will remain, keeping me warm and making my home a beautiful place to be.  I may post more about my Gramma Groff sometime soon, but I wanted to share the story as much as I can remember while I was thinking about it.  By the way, the name that everyone called her was Virginia, but her baptismal name was Anna. Isn’t that cool!? I get chills just thinking of it. Thank you for letting me share.  What inspired you to start learning about sewing and quilting? Please share.

Happy Remembering,



November 9, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.


  1. lisakingsley replied:

    I was raised in a very crafty family. Both of my grandmothers and my mom sewed. I have always found the sound of a sewing machine to be very soothing. I sewed when I was younger and then about a year ago I picked it back up. I needed a creative outlet and sewing seemed natural. I’m loving it now. Not so sure my checkbook is loving it, but I need this.

  2. Leisa replied:

    Hi Anna, I know you like to know who has been visiting you. It was just me again. You must be busy sewing with your Mom today. Hope you are having a quilting weekend. Talk to you soon Leisa

  3. Jean-o replied:

    That’s neat about your gramma. We named our daughter Melisa Eileen Marie C. and thought she would be our only girl! E. name for my mom and granmma and M. is my middle name… come to find after the women died… Melisa (she spelled hers Malissa) was my hubby’s gramma’s name. Who knew? And then we had 2 more daughters!
    Oh, I have another quilt abreviation for you! FART : Fabric Aquisition Road Trip! And the good stuff just keeps on coming! Jean have a great day!

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