Sampler Update and SwapDex

Fabric Selection

Here are the fabrics I chose for my Sampler Quilt. The cream with the blue flowers was my inspiration/focus fabric.  I saw it and just knew I had to have it! The darker blue/green fabric is there to help everything else just pop out.  I like the shabby chic look but didn’t want it to be too monochromatic. I was supposed to only choose three fabrics but fell in love with the fourth. My teacher pointed out that I could use the fourth as an accent, so I said, cool, I’ll take an extra 1.5 yards of that please! Yeah! I am very excited about it. I went straight home and started washing my fabric right away.  I have already finished the first block, the Split Rail Fence…


Split Rail Fence Block  

So here is the beginning of my Sampler Quilt.   One block down, about five more to go. Only one more to go before our next meeting in a week and a half.  I am going to help my mom do her’s though.  She said today that she hadn’t washed her fabric yet. I told her to do that before she comes over to my house. We might get together on Sunday or Monday to work on her’s. I wanted to finish mine so that I would know exactly how to do it before I had to help her. 

SwapDex I got an e mail tonight telling me that someone had added my swap to their blog called SwapDex.  This blog lists all the swaps that this person has found around the Internet, isn’t that cool!? I have no idea how she found my swap, except that she knows how to search for it, but I am thrilled to be listed on there. I am adding her to my blogroll. I have already had one more person write me to sign up, sew far sew good I say. 

A Couple of Side Notes

For some reason, wordpress’s clock switches over to the next day at 7:00pm, so even though I am writing this post at 11:24 pm on Thursday, November 8, it will probably say that it is Friday, November 9th. Maybe it’s a time warp or something. I checked my blog stats and saw that 157 people looked at my blog today, give or take 18.  It registered 18 having checked it tomorrow, Friday.  I guess they are just in the future or something.  😉  So, don’t put a lot of stock in the date and time stamp on these posts.

Update on Igbit. I have had several people writing asking about my sister’s dog, Igbit.  They had some news that someone spotted him yesterday but when she ran out to look for him, they couldn’t find him.  He was spotted chasing a rabbit though, so he’s doing OK.  If you want more updates, check out Ruthie’s Blog, she will keep you up to date (and then I don’t have to repeat everything she’s already written).  She has been super busy looking for precious Igbit but she has been pretty good about keeping the blog updated.

New Acronymns

I learned two new acronymns from the Singing Quilter tonight, which was, by the way, a SUPER treat to hear her sing! Plus she is an extremely talented quilter!!!!  OK, the first one is SABLE which means Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy  and the other, is sort of risque, Stash Enhancement eXercise. That one had me ROFLMBO (Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Bottom Off!  She sang songs about shop hops and songs about PIGS (so cool that she talked about the new acoronym I just learned this week!) and songs about 100 ways to hide your stash. She also sang Quilting is a 12 Step Program.  Her hubby sang a cute song “Quilter’s Husband’s Lament” that one was hilarious too. I think I am going to need to get one or two of her CDs (great stocking stuffers) just for our shop hop trips!! Our theme music so to speak! That’s it for now. I suppose I should go to bed. Oh, one more picture to share. I have decided on a layout for the blocks I got in a swap with my aunts about four years ago.  I think I have posted about this before, but all the blocks were different sizes which presented quite a challenge. Thankfully, my aunt Debbie shared her pictures of how she made those wonky blocks fit together!  I used her picture as inspiration. I am SO glad I created a design wall with an old flannel sheet! I was able to “see” my wall hanging before I piece it together. Where ever you see yellow sticky notes in the picture will be red window pane chenille. I haven’t purchased anything new to make this wall hanging. It’s to be made completely from the blocks and some scrap flannel and chenille I had. Isn’t it great to use leftovers!! So here’s the pre pieced picture.  


Block Swap

Somehow I got into a crazy applique mood and decided I would applique the words “Welcome Autumn” on the vertical strips. I hope I can finish this before Autumn is over!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching,



November 9, 2007. Tags: , , , , , , . Quilting.


  1. Lisa W. replied:

    How exciting for you to start your sampler. I got my instructions today for my sampler. When I get my fabric I will post it on my blog also. Fun! Fun!

  2. Leisa replied:

    I really like your fabrics. I also like the shabby chic look. Your block looks great. It will be fun to see the different blocks you do or even maybe some of the same ones that I used in my sampler. Hope you have a great day!! Leisa

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