A Landmark Month

This month is sort of a turning point financially for my husband and me.  We were fortunate enough to have overlap between my paychecks from my previous job and my new job and actually came out ahead in October. Yeah! The real landmark this month has been that we have paid off my Bernina sewing machine. It has taken us two years but because we were able to get 24 months no interest and no payments financing, the dream of owning a Bernina has become a reality.  And the best part is that I have used my Bernina, A LOT. The great thing about no interest is that you can spread the payments out evenly over the length of the zero interest term. We did that and now that we will be finished paying on that credit card, we can devote that money to paying off the next card. Granted, we are not completely out of debt yet, but we are slowly but surely making a dent in our debt.  It is a really good feeling.  Plus, I feel like I have gotten good use out of my Bernina.  I have been able to make several “couch blankies” to either give away or keep for my home.  (My husband saw that I was making blankies for everyone else and asked when I would make one for us, so I did, boy was that fun!) In fact, I still have another blanky to make that is patiently waiting for me in my FSF, Fabric Storage Facility (the closet).  That’s on my list of UFOs and NESY projects.  I do need to finish the binding on the blanket for my mom, and I need to complete that applique project for someone for Christmas.  I have also made several tote bags with my Bernina.   OK, this is VERY silly, but I wrote a poem about my Bernina. I was trying to write an ode, but it is much more complicated than I thought, so I just wrote something that rhymes, hoping it can be some sort of poem.  (I am perfectly aware that poems do not need to rhyme) So, here it is, a poem about my Bernina.

Oh Bernina, how do I love thee?

You help me to make a soft, warm blanky,

I only need one, not even three,

Berninas in my sewing spree.

You help me sew a fun bright tote,

On you I certainly do dote.

I wait patiently for the end of each day,

Hoping that soon I’ll come your way.

I cover you up to keep out the dust,

Use you a lot I know that I must.

I’ll make blankets for children and costume galore,

I’ll make curtains and pillows and new home décor.

In my new house you have your own room,

My husband hopes that he’ll see me soon.

I will make just one more tote from my stash,

For fabric you know, I need some more cash.

At my sewing skills I hope you won’t scoff

Now that we’ve paid the Bernina off.

 I know this poem is AWFUL, but I had fun writing it. Hope you have a poetic day and get to spend some quality time with your sewing machine.

Happy Sewing,



November 12, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.


  1. Leisa replied:

    Oh Anna, you are such a joy! I do look forward to reading your blog. I am so happy that you have paid off your Bernina. It feels so great to have little or no debt. It took my husband and I many years to have no debt. Except for our house payment. Which we plan to pay off in the next 5 years. That is when he retires. I had planned on getting some Christmas projects finished this weekend but that didn’t work out. We worked on my Quilting Room! I helped with the stain on the shelves that my husband made. We used a white pickling stain on the back of the cabinet which is done out of wainscot. Adds a little country look I think. I will have to get the picture thing going on the blog. My husband is going to help me one day soon. Wishing you a great day! Leisa

  2. Jean-o replied:

    Your poem was cute…. nothing like feeling happy about getting out of debt! I sure don’t see anything wrong with that! We’ve been working on that ourselves. Great isn’t it?
    Keep up the good work. I sure love your pictures too. Jean

  3. fatiah replied:

    Wow, another hidden talent. That is creative of you to come out with a happy poem.

  4. Bernina « Merrily We Sew Along replied:

    […] You can read more about that landmark month, here. […]

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