Quilting Poll

In the political arena, everyone seems to count on polls to determine the way things will turn out.  In the quilting arena, polls are just for fun.  I don’t know how to put in a real poll that will tally the actual results but if you reply I will tally them and perhaps post a results later. It is fun to read everyone’s comments about things. I gained a lot of insight about the cream/grey/neutral thread issue.  SO, here’s the poll.

Do you wash your fabric before you piece it for quilting?

Please explain why yes or why no.

I, personally, always wash my fabric, unless it is going to be part of a raggedy blanket in which case I have to wait to wash it so that it frays later. OR, if it is a set of charms that would just ravel until nothing is left if I washed it.  I don’t mind cutting off the threads and I don’t mind pressing it before I cut it.  I just like to know that it is washed and that I don’t have to worry about the color bleeding out later.  Just my humble opinion. What do you more experienced quilters out there think? (And believe me, anyone with more than three weeks worth of experience with quilting is more experienced than me!)

Happy Quilting,



November 12, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.


  1. quilt32 replied:

    Yes, I always wash my fabric as soon as I bring it home – then I know it’s ready to use. I’ve been quilting about 5 years.

  2. bittycakes replied:

    It depends on how lazy I’m feeling! But basically I’m with you– I think it’s better to wash first, but if the piece of fabric is small then you don’t have much left! If I’m using different types of fabric, I definitely wash first because I worry that my fabrics will shrink to different sizes once the quilt is washed.

  3. Jan replied:

    I almost always wash because I don’t want it to bleed later. I just automatically wash as soon as it comes home before it goes in with the stash.

  4. Leisa replied:


    I do the same as you. Wash before using. I often will wash the fabric as soon as I get home with it. I also do not wash the flannels before using them in the raggedy quilts. I was just thinking about the charms, with the way they are cut with the pointy edges, do you think they would ravel? I will have to give this a try. Looking forward to what others think or have tried. Leisa

  5. Helen replied:

    If I am buying fabric for a wall hanging or a challenge, I do not wash the fabric, as I find it has the extra body that I need to do the pictures etc.
    If I am making a bed/children/cot quilt, I always wash the fabric….two reasons, firstly I hate the smell of the sizing in the quilt, and after soaking, you can see the milky glue like residue left in the water…..yuk….and secondly, so that the colors don’t run when washed or even ironed, ( with a little steam).
    West Australia

  6. Lisa W. replied:

    sometimes I was my fabric sometimes I don’t! 🙂 If it is for a wall hanging I don’t wash.

  7. ivyarts replied:

    (Hangs head)
    I never wash before I piece. I wash the final piece before it’s used. I was nervous about the last one that had bright red along with lighter colors. It didn’t run! I was told by a teacher that good quality quilting fabric should not run. And if it will, you’ll notice it when you press seams. Being lazy, that was good enough for me.

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