Happy Birthday Grandma Groff

I don’t have a lot more to share about Grandma Groff yet, but I will tell you what I learned. I found out that Sunday was her birthday, Veteran’s Day. I believe she would have been in her late eighties this year. I think it is neat that I was so curious about her when it was so close to her birthday. I think it was her spirit guiding me again.  She definately wasn’t guiding me last night though. I worked on my second block, a double four patch, and when I sewed the last piece together, I found out that the solid patch was just slightly too small! Now I have to reverse sew almost the entire thing and start over! AHHH! My mom really struggled with getting the blocks cut to the correct size. I think that my 1/4″ patchwork foot is not as accurate as I thought. I just remembered what someone told me to do to adjust for that, move the needle over! For the life of me I couldn’t remember that last night. I hope I remember it when I get home today. OK, have to go do work now, YEAH! More about Grandma Groff later after I interview my dad more.

 Happy Quilting,



November 13, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Quilting.


  1. Leisa replied:

    Good Morning Anna,

    I meant to tell you how wonderful it is that you have such a connection with your grandmother. I also had Great-Grandparents that settled in Iowa. This would be on my Mother’s side. German, Dutch and Swedish. My husband’s side are Dutch and German, and settled in Iowa also. I am so sad that my Father will not let my brother and myself have any of our Mother’s family items. He has some quilt squares that my Mom’s grandmother had made. She had found them just before she passed away and we were going to finish them into small quilts for my 2 children and my brother’s two boys. Keep on with your interview with your Father. I can’t wait to read what else you can find out. Wishing you a wonderful day!! Leisa

  2. scrappylady replied:

    Hi Anna,
    “Seams” sometimes that we just need those difficult projects to help us apprecite the easier ones.( And I agree about using all the same companies rulers) I guess quilting is just too much like everything else, trial and error and sometimes no matter what we just make mistakes!!! But when the quilt is all done, it just makes us appreciate it even more!
    I used to ALWAYS prewash my fabrics, but I’m not sure if I’m just getting lazier, or I like the look of a quilt better when you wash it and it shrinks just enough to make it a little “puffy.” Actually I think it’s both! Sometimes I just want to start a project and washing, drying, and ironing, just adds too many extra hours ( if not a day) to the project. I can’t even remember the last time I washed them first ( but then I have made alot of rag quilts lately and my tablerunners were made from purchased charm square packets, so I didn’t want to “mess” with that!) Also about the neutral threads instead of trying to always match, I agree. Very seldom is the whole quilt a “dark” color anyway, so purchasing matching thread seems to be a waste. ( You should see all the darker threads in my thread boxes that don’t get used very often) So good advice on the neutral threads.
    I’m glad you had more people sign up for the charm exchange! If everyone doesn’t mind it would be fun to hear where we’re all from!!! Just an idea.
    I keep checking your sisters blog for news about Igbit! I can’t even imagine the heartache they must feel. I wish he’d just go HOME!!!!! I’ve enjoyed reading her blog too.
    I need to get feeling better, and stay better so I can “tackle” the new” to be “sewing room! It gets my mind racing and there’s SO MUCH I WANT TO DO! We just need to de-germ the house so mom can stay healthy enough to accomplish all this. I’m appliquing the last tablerunner, and then I can finally quilt them all. They are SO BIG! I don’t know why I didn’t realize that when I FIRST looked at the measurements. I just thought the patterns were really cute and decided to make them. I just hope everyone has a really big table, or they’ll just have to use them for a wall hanging!!!! Actually the square ones would look cute on the wall! I really wanted them done by now, but they are coming along. ( The square ones are also colors that would look good for December too, so that’s a good thing, they can use it more than a week this year if they want!!!!)Well, back to the last tablerunner, I’m starting to get a little “anxious” about quiilting them, it frustrates me that I just can’t be excited instead of nervous. The sooner I get these done and quilted the less nervous I’ll be…. RIGHT?!!!!! Wish me luck! Wendy

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