Not Much to Report

I don’t have much to share from my quilting and sewing world lately. As many Christmas presents as I was planning to make, I am starting to feel sort of overwhelmed! I have just been so tired when I get home that it’s difficult to be motivated to do anything. Add to that the fact that I have added about four more projects to my list of Christmas presents. Yesterday I bought a couple yards of fleece (it was 50% off!) so I could make a blanket for my brother.  That should be easy to finish, just fringe the edges and tie in knots.  Plus, I agreed to help make fringed scarves for my sorority alumnae who are selling them to the collegiates to make some money. Not hard, just fringe and tie in knots.  I also bought some fleece to make baby blankets for my friend’s two little boys (one is almost 2 and the other almost 1).  Just have to figure out how to finish those puppies off.  Plus, I have been trying to work on the sampler blocks for the beginning quilt class. Faced some frustration with that.  (More on that later.)  I think my mom might be coming over tonight to work on her blocks as well. Good, I can work on fringing the blanket or scarves as she is working on her blocks.  I tried to make an MP3 player case for my brother in law, gonna have to go back and tweak that pattern a little. Didn’t quite turn out how I wanted so my first attempt is now my cell phone holder.  Well, I guess I was wrong, there is more to report than I thought. I posted this on my All People Quilt Blog but I wanted to post it here too, do you think it’s important to use rulers from all the same company? If so, I am definately going to have to go and get another ruler. I think that my ruler is the reason my last block did not turn out correctly. (haha, couldn’t possibly be operator error!)  Post your opinions if you have any.

Happy Sewing,



November 15, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.

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