Can’t Believe I Forgot to Mention…

I can’t believe it! I am planning a trip to my FAVORITE fabric store tomorrow and I forgot to even say anything! I twisted my mother in law’s arm and she has agreed to accompany me to Kerrville to visit Creations our ALL TIME FAVORITE fabric store!  As it turns out, their e mail marketing has worked it’s magic once again, and they are calling me to come for a visit. (Perhaps the fabric is calling me?) They are having a sale on 3 yard or less rolls of fabric that they call Shorties, only $14.95 for one roll! That’s saving more than $8 per roll!  I LOVE this kind of sale and have SOOOO much trouble resisting the chance to cash in! The funny thing is that they have this awesome incentive program over there, if you spend a certain amount of money, something like $250 on fabric (it might be more than that, it might be $500) that is NOT sale fabric and BEFORE tax, you get a $50 gift card. This doesn’t have to be all at one time, they keep your total in the computer and when you qualify they give you the card. Well, I have been shopping there for four years, AT LEAST and because most of what I buy is either on sale or with my birthday discount (20%), I almost never make a qualifying purchase. I am VERY close right now but whatever I buy tomorrow will most likely NOT qualify. That’s OK because I just enjoy shopping there and getting a good deal on THREE YARDS of fabric! Bye for now!

 Happy Shopping,



November 16, 2007. Tags: , , , , , , . Quilting.

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  1. Jean-o replied:

    So nice when you know when the sale is going to be and that it is indeed going to be a really good one! Yep, the one I like is the day after Thanksgiving! But, we have started a new tradition the DATHGIV it’s that we go up to Idaho and cut down our own Christmas tree. I call it the Christmas tree hunt! Anyway, it’s a lot of fun we get together with a lot of family and friends, last year probably around 30 of us went and we had a blast! Snow, but not too much and good food, company and like I said fun! Anyway, I suppose at the moment I have more than enough fabric (did I really say that? Don’t tell my husband… well, he wouldn’t believe I said it anyway…) to sustain myself for a while. Matter of fact, I went into a fabric store today… believe it or not I didn’t buy any fabric… just ribbon for a Fall decoration. I know, I must not be feeling well, I did however put some into the cart, just decided agains’t it and saved $ to boot.
    Don’t let your thread knot!

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