The Homemade Gift Challenge


It seems as though many people are pushing the concept of purchasing handmade items this year. They say it is better to support your local artisans (or not so local) and purchase handmade presents.  With all of the problems we’ve had with imported products, this is a wonderful concept, but I am trying to go another step further on that. I am trying to make all the presents I plan to give, on my own.  If I buy any presents I will try to purchase them from a site like Etsy which allows artisans to sell their wares for a very low fee.  I do support those crafty and talented people, but I want to make presents for everyone so that I can feel like I am contributing more to their gift than just money. As I make these gifts, a little bit of my heart goes along with each item.  I have said before that quilting and sewing are very giving hobbies and I am finding that is very true when it comes to the holidays.  So, I am issuing this challenge. Try to make AT LEAST one item for someone that is homemade this year.  Then, please tell me what it is, and feel free to use my homemade logo for this challenge on your blog as well. I am in NO WAY trying to compete with other blogs who are supporting purchasing hand made items, I just wanted to have my own challenge. By the way, it took me FOREVER to create my logo, so I am very proud of it. I got the clip art from a free clipart site which has several great images.  Thanks and have a grand day.

Happy Homemaking stuff,



November 16, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Quilting.


  1. Leisa replied:

    Anna I was so happy to see all of your writings tonight! I just enjoy reading all that is going on with you. Take care.


  2. scrappylady replied:

    Hi Anna! I LOVE the idea!!! If I hadn’t focused so much on doing that for wedding gifts this year, AND it was sooner in the year ( we’re less than 6 weeks away now!!!!) I would do that. Actually the last several years I made alot of my gifts for x-mas and I LOVED doing it! Loved the making and the giving! Especially loved the nice comments from those that didn’t expect a time consuming gift. Labor of love, is what I like to call them, like you said a piece of your heart goes with them!!!! I think that will be my focus for gift giving ALL YEAR this next year. It will be easier to accomplish, going through and organizing what I already have, and finally having a sewing room to “BE” in!!!! I’m starting to realize I’m not going to have as much “room” as I’d hoped, this quilting machine takes up ALOT of room. But my main goal is to keep using “her.” I’m finally getting to that step. No real name yet, but maybe soon. I finally “played” for a while yesterday. I had to keep starting and stopping the video on how to load the quilt!!! Only got a baby panel done again but I’m making progress,. I wish I could draw. Then I could trace my own designs and quilt them easier. The pantographs are set up to mostly use from the back of the machine, but last night I was in the front “trying” to stipple free hand. I like the front of the machine better. I like seeing the quilt as I quilt, instead of following a pattern with a lazer and only “glancing” at the quilt from time to time. This way I’ll “use” the actual pantograph pattern on top of the quilt instead of using a lazer from the back( which would save the actual pattern) More costly this way, but maybe it’ll get me better at free handing or creating my own designs. Anyway, I feel alittle braver now! The more I keep up with it, the more confident I’ll get. ( And I won’t keep forgetting how to load the quilt!)So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are most of your family close by?We used to get together with both families ( a few days apart) but we do our own now. Just me, the hubby, the kids and their significant others. Looks like my oldest will be getting engaged that day!!!! They’re talking about a March wedding. My first to get married!!! Well, have a great weekend, it was fun to hear where all the charm swappers were from. It’ll be fun to see all the cute charms we get! ( Lucky you, you’ve already seen most of them!) Wendy

  3. lisakingsley replied:

    I love the idea of handmade gifts. I started several months ago and am now working on the final few. I’m doing 30 days of creativity to hopefully finish everything up in time.

  4. Lisa W. replied:

    Not all my gifts are hand made but some of them will be. I like the idea of handmade gifts but I never seem to start early enough to have all my gifts be hand made. Last year I made my daughter and my niece’s American Girl Dolls fancy Christmas dresses and they just loved them so this year I am doing it again. I ordered a doll Moses basket for my youngest and am making all the bedding that goes in it. I am also making my mom a wall hanging, and decor pillows for my daughter and nieces American Girl doll beds which my in-laws have bought them for Christmas this year, just a little something to jazz the bed up. If I have time I will be making my daughter and her doll matching night gowns and my son and his build a bear matching PJ’s. Oh wow that a lot of stuff to do in a months time. I’m tired already. LOL 🙂

  5. Pam Floyd replied:

    Thanks for the great article! I love to give AND receive handmade gifts. When I was a child my parents didn’t have a lot of money and all my gifts were handmade from a beautiful two story dollhouse (with handmade dolls, a kitchen table from a wooden canister, a bathtub from a soapdish, a fireplace from dominos, pictures on the walls cut from magazines and framed with braid, a canopy bed from thread spools and barrel style chairs from plastic cheese tubs and other furniture made from fabric wrapped cardboard) to dozens of handmade barbie clothes. When I think of the time and love she put into those gifts it fills my heart with love and my eyes with tears. One of the best gifts was a large box filled with a collection of leftover fabric scraps, ribbons buttons and craft leftovers from everyone around town that my mother knew so that I could become a crafter on my own. That gift gave me wings!! From that point I have crafted all my life and now have created the website to help people realize that to give a gift from themselves is sooo much more than just a gift. “Made by the hand, given from the heart, treasured for a lifetime” is my favorite saying.
    Keep them going girl! (and visit my website if you get a chance, I’d love the company)

  6. Pam Spaupr replied:

    I plan on making the four youngest grandkids pocket pillows. The two youngest boys love hot wheels cars, so I got fabric for those; the oldest grandson loves anything army, so I will do his with a camouflage print. The youngest granddaughter likes anything princess, so her’s will be fit for a litlle princess. I love to make things, and the best Christmases I’ve had as an adult were when I made a lot of our gifts. I have downloaded tons of ideas and keep them in binders. Oh, I am also doing cross stitch ornaments for the six grandkids, and some bookmarks for family and friends. I love Christmas, and all the joy and love it brings!!

  7. Pam Spaur replied:

    Oops, I don’t know how to spell my own last name. Humble apologies!!

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