A Busy Weekend

Wow, everyone, thanks for all your comments! It makes me feel so special when I check my e mail on Monday morning and see that I had seven new comments on my blog this weekend.  I have realized that on the weekends I tend to try to avoid the computer since I am around it 8 hours a day every day of the work week. This weekend I managed to complete THREE gifts! Really, they were so easy it is hard to think of it as a big accomplishment but they are done, which is sooo nice! What were they, you ask, I cut the fringe on three fleece blankets, one for my brother and two for my best friend’s little boys.  Plus, I worked with my mom on Sunday to complete her two blocks and my second block for the sampler for our Beginning Quilting class tomorrow. I am so proud of my mom, she did all the piecing and cutting of her blocks by herself! She is really gaining confidence, yeah! I, on the other hand, had to REVERSE SEW my double four patch block about SIX times, until I got it right! How aggrevating!  But it was a learning process and I have learned that it is REALLY important to cut accurately, and that if you have to unsew one square at the top of the block, you probably should unsew the other one as well! That probably doesn’t make sense, but it does to me. For example, the double four patch has four squares, two of which are solid 6.5″ squares and two are made up of four smaller squares (a four patch).  My 6.5″ solid squares were not precisely 6.5″, on one side, it skewed off a little to make it 6.5″ on one end and 6.25″ on the other! I fixed one side and thought that the other half of the block was OK, NOPE, it was messed up too! Then, after I fixed that I realized that my four patch was OFF by a little at one end AND then I just plain sewed it together WRONG!  Oh well, it gave my mom a chance to finish hers while I was reverse sewing mine.  I will post pictures very soon.  I also took some pictures of the fleece blankets and ALL the goodies I got in Kerrville.  I got some more materials to make a surprise for my sister and a Christmas present for my sister in law. I think half of what I bought was for projects to make for other people.  OK, gotta get back to work now. Overall, it was a productive sewing weekend. Until next time.

Happy Sewing,


P.S. Here is a rough example of what the double four patch looks like. I will post real pictures soon. Hopefully that will make my explanation of what I screwed up on my block easier to understand.

Double Four Patch


November 19, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Holidays, Quilting.


  1. Leisa replied:

    Hi Anna,

    I know it was a lot of work for you to redo, but I know you will be real happy in the end. Happy to hear that you had accomplished so much this weekend. This was a bad time of year for us to work on my sewing room. But I am so happy that we have made this much progress. The real mess will be organizing all of the “stuff” I have that will go into this room. I think I will have to really decided what I do and don’t need. Take care. Leisa

  2. lisakingsley replied:

    I’m not sure if it goes away at the end of the month or not. I hope not because I am really enjoying it.

  3. fatiah replied:

    You did the double four patch on EQ6? Is it good to draw applique patterns too?

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