Friendsday on Wednesday!

Third post of the day but I am making good on my promise to post a Friendsday post!  I think I like the idea of Friendsday on Wednesday and I might just try to do this every Wednesday (don’t hold me to that though).  Thanks so much to Jenny for this idea! So I guess my first friend would be Jenny, who doesn’t know she is my friend. She is a talented children’s book illustrator and very crafty!  She has an awesome blog in which she features her friends so I thought I would hijack her idea and feature my friends as well. I have noticed from some of her posts that she is a fellow Texas gal (although I am really from Iowa) so Howdy Jenny! Sometimes I have trouble figuring out if she is actually in Texas though because she always says that she just “jets up to D.C. for a trip” and D.C. from Texas is a rather long trip.  Next, look at what Toni is making over on her blog and in her Etsy shop! toni’s picture Aren’t they just adorable!? Toni’s blog is soooo inspiring and fun to read! I love all her awesome photographs and it makes me so inspired to take close ups too! Plus, when I read her biography she reminded me of my sister who is very far away.  My sister is learning to knit and I think she would like one of these knitted (or crocheted?) nests. Sew CUTE! Plus, I sent Toni an e mail to ask permission to use her pictures and she said that of course I could! I was so thrilled! The crafty, quilty people I meet on blogs are always SOO nice!  I wish I could take a photography class from these ladies.  The last friend I want to feature today is Lisa who makes the cutest hair bows and tooth fairy pillows! She is also so talented in a crafty way and it is so fun to read her blog and learn about her life!  Lisa was also one of the participants in my Holiday Charm Swap and we are happy to have her!  This Thanksgiving when I think about all the blessings I have gotten this year, I am going to remember all the fun bloggy friends I have made and look forward to featuring a few each week on my blog!  Until next time.

 Happy Everything,



November 21, 2007. Tags: , , , , . friendsday, Quilting.


  1. Toni replied:

    Thank you Anna for your kind words! So nice of you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

  2. Jean-o replied:

    Hi Anna,
    Just wanted to say I was parusing your blog…. trying to catch up on some reading (I’m sooo far behind) that when I first saw this cute picture, I thought that they were tiny, tiny birds sitting on/next to frozen berries! Then I read it! Cute, I love birds, so it’s a stopping point for me anyway! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and that you got both a nap and some sewing done! Jean

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