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Churn Dash 50 percent

I really wanted to share just how cool my EQ6 program is!  As I have said in a previous post, my next block in the sampler I am doing is the churn dash block. I remembered that a very cool feature of this quilt design program (EQ6) is that I can scan in my own fabrics and use them in my quilting designs. So I did just that, I have four fabrics, and I scanned them in to a .jpeg file. The fourth fabric was a very light blue with white polka dots, for some reason my scanner wasn’t picking up the colors but that’s ok because I found a pretty good substitute in EQ6’s fabric library. So I started by finding the Churn Dash block (it’s in the Nine Patch blocks section of the block library). I put the block on my quilt, made sure the measurements were the same as the quilt block I am making and just started putting in my fabrics.  ALL of these blocks are made with the same four fabrics (some only use 3).  I was able to test out different variations of this block before even cutting up the fabric! Plus, I have found a good choice for sashing, I think.  I love how this quilt looks, can you believe it is ALL the same block, just with different variations of the same fabrics!??  Then, when I wanted to be able to share the picture I just exported it as a .jpeg. It worked beautifully! I may have a churn dash quilt in my future!!  It has my two favorite patches in it, the half square triangle and the two strip piece, with a solid middle! I can’t wait to show this off to my mother in law tomorrow. Hubby wasn’t very impressed but I think MIL will be. I am sure no one will read this until after Thanksgiving but that’s OK. Until next time.

Happy Designing,



November 21, 2007. Tags: , , , . quilt designs, Quilting.


  1. lisakingsley replied:

    I love the design. I always seem amazed at how many variations there are for quilting. That is part of what I really love about it.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Very cool! I really like your design but would recommend moving either the top or bottom right hand corner blocks – they look really similar and make that side seem lighter. What do you think?? I really love it and can’t wait to see when you finish it!

  3. fatiah replied:

    I’m so envious of your EQ6. It sounds real cool and fun. Must tell my hubby about it soon.

  4. lisakingsley replied:

    I was just checking the NaBloPoMo Randomiser and you came up. It was kinda weird seeing a blog I already know come up. Fun though!

  5. ivyarts replied:

    I’m really interested in EQ6 though I have a Macintosh. I guess you can run it if you have Windows emulation software (huh?). I still want to look into it.
    The pattern looks great. I hope you’ll post pictures of the finished product.

  6. bobbinhead replied:

    I just got EQ6 about a week ago. I love it. I didn’t know I could turn it into jpeg format. I’ll have to work with that. Great quilt design.

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