Lots of Words, No Pictures, YET

Sorry everyone. I just haven’t had the energy to upload my pictures yet! AhHH!  I will do it soooon, I promise.  I do have lots of words to write though.  I went to my quilting class last night and showed off my blocks.  Mine weren’t the best, but they weren’t the worst either.  We learned the steps for our next blocks, although she didn’t give us any typed instructions which I thought was a bummer.  The next two blocks are the Churn Dash block (also known as Through the Barn Door) and Jacob’s Ladder. Even though she didn’t give us instructions, only demonstrated and waited for us to write down what she did, I have found this great website called Quilter’s Cache which has hundreds of blocks with the instructions! This website helped demystify how to make the Card Trick block that I made a month or two ago. By the way, I still haven’t used the actual fabric that came with that “kit” for the card trick block yet.  They didn’t give me very much and I don’t want to mess it up! (Although I might be able to find some fat quarters, it’s from Moda’s Chocolat line of fabrics.) Then, my wonderful sistersent me four more of those “kits” with the postcard and a picture of the block you are “supposed” to make with it. But NO INSTRUCTIONS and not even a NAME of the block! But, thanks so much Ruthie, because this will really push me to learn new techniques. I might just make all those blocks using the same fabrics I used for my “practice” card trick block. Then I’ll have enough to make two, well, somethings. Whether they are a table runner or a wall hanging, who knows.  But I was so excited to see that one of those postcard blocks she sent me was the same block we were going to do in my class and it turns out it is a churn dash block! But that one comes out to 9″ finished.  I wish that any of the seven quilt shops in San Antonio would actually do cool and pretty $5 quilts like that one.  Granted, you have to attend the demonstration to figure out how to do the block, but that’s part of the fun! I would have loved to have attended a demonstration about those.  Luckily, it is a pretty popular program, Moda Quilt University, I believe, and several ladies on the All People Quilt forum were able to help me out.  Thank goodness for the Internet!! If I have time later I hope to be able to do a post similar to the ones I have seen on Jenny’s blog Allsorts.  She posts a Friendsday post where she highlights some of her friends, either from new blogs she’s found or her actual friends. I think she does those on Fridays (haven’t checked the calendar) but since I will probably be shopping in Fredericksburg on Friday, I hope to be able to post it later today.  I do have a lot of friends I want to showcase and I hope to make this a weekly thing. Well, as Porky Pig would say, That’s all Folks, until next time, of course.

 Happy Sewing, Quilting, Stitching, Blogging and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



November 21, 2007. Tags: , , , , , , . Quilting.

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