Rather Productive Holiday

Let’s see. Thursday-Eat lots of turkey and yummy desserts.  Friday – Go to Fredericksburg and buy some Christmas goodies Saturday – Get oil changed and go back to Fredericksburg to purchase a very cool media cabinet (or armoire to be delivered Thursday).  Sunday – FINALLY get some time to sew something!  Yes, I was able to start on the charm bags I am making for my mom and one other person who may very possibly read this blog.  My hubby and I also got to go out to dinner with my mom and dad last night to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I gave her the Christmas Patchwork blanket that I have posted about previously.  I would have waited to give it to her for Christmas but she has been mentioning quite frequently how much she wanted a blanket so I decided to give that to her for her birthday.  I started on the charm bags and am only slight stressing out about the points of the squares not lining up. That’s OK. Plus, I am using my fabulous quilting skills to try something different. Instead of just sewing three rows of four squares going horizontally, I am working vertically and chain piecing the strips. It has worked pretty well so far, but I have come to a conclusion, I NEED a NEW IRON!  I mentioned this to hubby for Christmas, but I don’t know if I can actually wait that long. My iron is almost ten years old! And I just learned that when it makes a spitting noise and white stuff ends up on the fabric, THAT IS BAD!  That is a sign that I need a new iron. So, I might have to get my 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond and go and get me a new Rowenta. Yes, I have already decided because my mother in law has one and it is AWESOME!  Even all the other ladies in my beginning quilter’s class agree, it has better steam and it is heavier which makes it press flatter seams. Yeah! So that is what I am petitioning for from hubby. OK, sorry this isn’t very exciting. Pictures. Soon. I promise.

Happy Pressing,



November 26, 2007. Tags: , , , . Quilting.

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