A Memory Quilt

In October, right about the time that everyone was promoting Breast Cancer Awareness month, I found out that a close friend of my family lost the battle with breast cancer.  Even though I hadn’t seen her in probably 15 or 16 years, I was very sad to hear that she had passed away. She really wasn’t much older than my own mom.  I found out that she had had breast cancer for several years and every time that they thought they had conquered it, it returned.  I really wanted to do something for this family that my family has known most of my life.  I offered to make a memory quilt using photos that our friend’s husband, a good friend of my dad’s, sends me.  That is all still in the works, but here is the important part of this post.  You can help too.  A friend forwarded me an e mail that got my attention. There is a website called The Breast Cancer Site. You can visit the site EVERY day and click a pink button that will donate a mammogram for free!  EVERY day you can return and click the button and donate another mammogram.  If you are doing any Christmas shopping, check out their sponsors. They have some very nice gift items and a portion of those proceeds goes to breast cancer research and support.  This month, November, they are trying to get 500 mammograms donated. As of today, they are 75% to thier goal. There are only three and a half more days left of this month! Please visit the site, book mark it, return every day and click that button.  I feel like this is a small way that I can help spread awareness and it doesn’t cost me anything but a few minutes of my time.  PLEASE visit the website and donate a mammogram. Then, PLEASE tell all your friends and help them reach the goal of 500 mammograms this month. Oh, and I forgot to mention, when they reach that goal they are going to donate an ultrasound machine to a hospital in South Africa. PLUS, all the clicks this week will be matched by the sponsors, so PLEASE visit the site! Thank you.  

Happy Clicking,



November 27, 2007. Tags: , . Quilting.


  1. scrappylady replied:

    Hi Anna,
    Sorry to hear about your families friend. For how large my families are we have been SO BLESSED to have avoided this tragic cancer , so far. I will definitely go daily to the website and do my part by “clicking.”Thanks for sharing this info.
    I’ll bet your mom is thrilled to get the blanket early! If the weather there is anything like here, it’s getting COLD and blankets have become my best friend lately!Please do share with pictures when possible. ( Yes, that just came from photoless, on any website, Wendy) But I still LOVE seeing what everyone else has made! Keep warm Anna, Wendy

  2. fatiah replied:

    I have clicked. It’s great that we are able to help in this way. And that also reminds me that I have not done my mammogram.

  3. Lisa W. replied:

    I’m clicking!

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