Churn Dash Update

My mom stopped by on Monday so we could work on our blocks. I have come to the conclusion that it is very difficult for two people to sew when there is only one sewing machine! My dad may very well help to remedy that problem as he has agreed to “let” my mom get a sewing machine for Christmas. My mom said I have to go with my dad to help him pick one out for her. I told her that she should go and try them out but I think she wants me there as well. The shop where we got my machine is having a sale on their floor models and machines left for service that were never picked up, (I would call those orphan machines) so we may go take a look at some of those soon. My mom got her block almost finished, she just needs to sew the patches together. By the way, that was block, as in one, we only started on the Churn Dash block on Monday.  I ended up with way too many choices because of that quilt I “designed” so it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted my block laid out. Turns out, the end design I chose was not actually any of the ones in my quilt design, but it was close.  I haven’t sewn my patches together yet either. They are waiting on my design wall for me to get the time! Yesterday I stopped by my favorite shop, Memories by the Yard, and bought a bunch of fat quarters. I found a tote pattern which uses two fat quarters and I thought I would make some cute tote bags to give as gift holders this year. An organization I am in has adopted a family and they have four ladies in their family. I thought it would be cute to make them all little tote bags and put in supplies for a manicure or little lotions.  Everyone deserves a little pampering once in awhile. Unfortunately, that just adds more projects to my list! I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Check back later for a Friendsday post! Don’t forget to visit The Breast Cancer Site and donate a mammogram today!

 Happy Stitching,



November 28, 2007. Tags: , , . Beginner's Quilt Class.

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