Pictures, FINALLY!

Churn Dash and Double Four Patch

Here is a picture of the churn dash block I have yet to sew together, and the double four patch, which I sewed and unsewed and resewed about five times.  I am happy with the layout of the churn dash even though it does not match any of the blocks in the churn dash quilt I designed.  That’s the fun, right, you can still change your mind at the last minute if you want to!  I am trying to balance out my colors. I used all four colors in the churn dash block. It is hard to tell since my “design wall” is a dark blue flannel sheet, but the center square on the churn dash is a dark bluish green color.  It is the same as the dark color in the double four patch.  I love my design wall, it really helps me put things into perspective, so to speak.  I just tacked an old flannel sheet to the wall of my sewing room. It just happens to be a wall that juts out a little from the little reading nook that I have.  It is opposite of the windows so there is good light in the day time.  I need to finish sewing up my Welcome Autumn wall hanging so I can get it down off my design wall.  Also, fabulous news…I FINISHED somebody’s Christmas present! The applique project I was working on is DONE!!! It feels so great to have finished something! I can’t post pictures here yet, but most of you know the other forums I am on so you can see the pics there. YEAH! If I wasn’t so tired, I would be jumping for joy.  *yawn*  I am so glad I was able to upload those pictures before the battery on my camera died! Here is one more picture of the churn dash block.

Churn Dash

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November 28, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class.

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  1. AllenQuilts replied:

    It’s lookin’ good, Anna!

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