Beginner’s Quilt Class Tonight

My mom came over last night to work on her second block, of the two that were “due” this week.  I finished my first block, the churn dash, but hadn’t decided on which colors I wanted to use in my Jacob’s Ladder or Road to California block.  I think I overwhelmed myself by choosing four colors right off the bat, but it has pushed my creative limits and I am happy with how the blocks have come out, so far.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a second finished block to show tonight.  I got really caught up in the idea that I HAD to use my EQ6 software to figure out which colors I wanted, so I started doing that, and by the time I was done, it was already 10:00 pm!  Plus, I wanted to help my mom, so I helped her cut out the pieces for her block and she would sew them together. Unfortunately, with only one sewing machine right now, there wasn’t enough time for both of us to work on our blocks.  Also, my sewing room is really only just enough space for one worker at a time, so I wanted to give my mom some room to work. Turns out, she was very independent last night and just stitched away.  We are still struggling with getting those points to line up perfectly when piecing four squares but it just takes practice, I suppose. If anyone can offer any tips on that, please share!  So, tonight I go to quilt class with one completed block, and one picture of the block I am going to make. My mom will go with both of her blocks finished.  I thought it was really cool that when I was reading Jennifer Chaivarini’s The Runaway Quilt the characters were piecing both a Churn Dash block and a Jacob’s Ladder block! This story was set in the time leading up to the Civil War. Also, this book is probably the main reason that I didn’t finish my blocks. I started reading and I didn’t want to put it down!  As I have heard someone say before, there just isn’t enough time in the day for quilting AND reading! Oh, and last Friday my mom and dad came over to help move our new entertainment center/media armoire (VERY heavy). Well, actually my dad and husband were supposed to do that while my mom and I went upstairs to work on blocks. But, then a Spurs basketball game came on at 7:00 pm and both my parents were glued to the TV.  So, besides the fact that they brought us the best pizza ever from Caparelli’s, that night was a bust for sewing. SEW, I have a lot of excuses and no second block, but at least I have a picture, and I have the pieces cut out at home, mostly.  Well, that’s all for now. Eventually I will start working on Christmas presents again. Until next time.

 Happy Quilting,



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  1. scrappylady replied:

    Hi Anna,
    You might already know this simple tip, and I hope I can explain it right- when you are pressing your seams after sewing them try pressing every other row in the opposite direction. It really helps when lining up the seams and it’s been a great help to me ever since I tried it. I can see the seams better when I’m placing the pins in to sew them. I can “butt” the seams right next to each other and they line up so nicely! Sorry if I’ve totally confused you, let me know if you understood what I meant and if you didn’t already know that little helpful tip. You just have to make sure the seams are pressed in the opposite directions of each other to make sure it works the best. Sorry but I’m so much better at visual demonstrations, hope you know what I meant! It really has made a big difference in my seams lining up better since I’ve started pressing them in opposite directions. Hope I understood what you were asking and I actually helped, like I said, “visual” is sew much easier! I think that’s great you and your mom are sewing together! I’m envious, how fun to have a sewing buddy ( even if you have to share the same machine for now!)Have fun at class! Wendy

  2. scrappylady replied:

    After re-reading I think I misunderstood you after all! If your blocks aren’t all exactly the same size when finished they won’t line up the same. I measure each one and trim the larger blocks to the same size as the smallest before sewing them together. Or sometimes I will use a smaller seam allowance if trimming the blocks would cut away too much of the block. Now if I still misunderstood you I’ll just keep my mouth shut from now on. “Visual” Wendy If I still misunderstood please do tell me, I really think I know what you meant, but……

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