Environmentally Friendly Friendsday

Today my friendsday post is about my best friend in the world, my sister, Ruthie. She is so sweet and considerate and she has an awesome blog. I have linked to her blog several times because she is an inspiration to me.  It is true, she does post about the recipes she makes all the time, and usually they are not anything that I would eat, but that is what makes her special. She walks to the beat of her own drummer and she records her thoughts on her blog.  The reason that this post is supposed to be environmentally friendly is that I have been sort of inspired to be more green lately. So I would also like to say that the environment is my second friendsday feature. I think the official Earth Day is some day in April or something and who knows when Arbor Day is, but I am now trying to take a step back and look at ways that I can promote Earth Day or Arbor Day everyday.  How do I do this? Well, I try to recycle everything. If it has that little triangle on the bottom, I put it in the recycling bin. At one point, there were some strict rules about what you could and could not recycle, but I don’t remember those rules and no one has given me a ticket, so I just put it in the bin. Also, cardboard boxes, I flatten and throw those in there as well.  Another small step for Annakind is that I have been much more diligent lately about remembering to take my canvas bags in when I go to the grocery store. (And I think my actions are rubbing off because my mom and brother have gotten some canvas bags for the grocery trips as well)  It is a slight hassle if I really want to go to the self check out lane because even though they can calibrate those scales for my canvas bags, it usually takes longer. So, if we have the bags, we just go to the regular lanes and wait in line. It only takes a few minutes longer, and much less hassle. BUT, I want to mention something. I have NOT spent more than probably $2 on any bag in my collection that I take in with me. Most of them I got for FREE from conferences I have attended. I also picked up several at a garage sale for about $1 or 50 cents each!  I have seen on another blog, although at the moment I can’t remember which one, the idea to use the sturdy canvas bags with stuff printed on them as the lining for a cotton bag. I like that idea because I already have a lot of “ugly” canvas bags and I can make some cute cotton outer bags out of the veggie fabric I bought for another project. Actually, I bought the veggie fabric with the intention of making these really neat French market bags, but those would actually be too expensive and very impractical for the grocery store. And, it just occurred to me that my mother in law has spoken about making up some cute bags to take with her to the grocery store as well. I think it is catching on. But even though I would encourage anyone who will listen to buy hand made stuff as much as possible, before you spend $18 on that super cool, hip retro canvas bag, consider how many you could get at Goodwill for that much money. Even though they seem to be able to carry more groceries in one, you will need several if you do any serious grocery shopping.  Oh, and I heard a rumor that San Fransisco banned the use of plastic grocery bags from their stores! Wow, that is awesome.  Sorry, sort of rambled on there for a moment. Hopefully in the coming year hubby and I will be able to start a compost pile and look into getting some rainwater collecting downspouts for our house.  Ok, enough ranting about environmentally friendly things to do. Do you do anything especially environmentally friendly or concious in your house? Please share. Oh and by the way, I always try to use the most fabric possible and save ALL my scraps to avoid sending them to the land fill (plus I might be able to use it someday).  OK, I don’t save ALL my scraps, but as much as I think I will be able to use again. Unil next time.

Happy Recycling,



December 5, 2007. Tags: , , . friendsday, Quilting.

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  1. Robin replied:

    Hi Anna,

    We have solar power, solar hot water, raise heritage animals and grow our own vegetables. I also recycle wool clothing and started the recycling program at work. It has to be recycled or converted to energy to count. We have cut our landfill use in half and it should have another large drop last month. I also have a mound of scraps..someday….


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