Beginner’s Quilt Class


I have finished my drunkard’s path block. I didn’t remember to include the head and the tail for the turtle, so it just became a traditional Drunkard’s Path. This was my first attempt with curved seams. I am not too thrilled with the results. I suppose it takes practice but I think it takes a more accurate template.  I finished this block today, yeah!


 Here is the Jacob’s Ladder block. I changed it a little so that I could use all four fabrics. I tried to make the center pieces look like butterflies. I finished this block on Tuesday, December 4th.

So, progress is being made. We have one more block to learn week after next. It is a paper piecing block. Scary! My mom might be getting a new sewing machine tonight. I am so excited for her. Hopefully she will bring it over tomorrow to show it off and she can use it to finish her drunkard’s path block as well. I have a lot of fabric left over and am thinking of adding in some other blocks so that I can expand this quilt. I don’t know how big I want the final size to be, perhaps a good sized throw would be nice.  Until next time.


Happy Piecing,




December 8, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, Quilting.

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