Martha Would be Proud, Maybe


This is my amazing craft for today. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I am going to a Christmas party for an organization I am in. We are having a silent auction for ornaments and I am sort of in charge of organizing that part of the event. So, I created these cute numbered tags to attach to each ornament (to be donated by each member) so that they can then record the bids on the corresponding bid card I created.  I made 50 tags, but have only tied ribbon to about 30 of them.  My other crafty project is that I made a fake fireplace for the party as well. I found this thin wooden sheet that looks like brick and cut a square shaped opening in it. As it turns out, my hubby took his cordless power tools to work so he had to buy me a jigsaw so that I could cut the wood. But we didn’t even have a jigsaw and when he saw how easy it was to use it, he said he was glad we got it.  I even had to stop at our grocery store and pick up some real firewood, since we always burn those quick start fire logs. I think it will look good and hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures tomorrow when it’s all set up. Some of the other members of the decorating committee are bringing stockings and fake snow. Hopefully it will be cooler than the 86 degrees it was today! I think there is a cold front blowing in tonight.

Yesterday my mom brought her new sewing machine over so we could “play” with it. It is a Brother CS6000i. It is a pretty nice machine, if I do say so myself, and for the price it is a great machine. Of course, she’s only had it a few days, but everyone on my quilting lists told me it was a good machine.  I had already finished my drunkard’s path block, but she needed to finish hers. So, she used her machine, and I used mine to work on a different project.  It was great! And my dear hubby helped out by ordering Chinese food delivery! I knew I kept him around for a reason.  I did get a lot of the charm tote bag for my sister in law done. I even put in a really cool pocket that wasn’t part of the original pattern. When I made my charm tote, I added one pocket that is roughly the size of my cell phone. For this tote, I added three pockets by folding over a  fat quarter and sewing it into the lining.  We’ll see how it looks when it’s all sewn together. It’s definately getting there.  I have found two new blogs today that are awesome! I will post more about that tomorrow on Friendsday Wednesday!  Right now I am going to go to bed because I am totally exhausted! I didn’t know that yoga could take so much out of a person but it did! Oh, and it didn’t help that I stayed up really late last night working on that tote bag. I can’t work on my mom’s tote when she is over here so I hope I have tricked her into forgetting that I said I would make a tote for her too so that it will be a real surprise.  Until next time.

 Happy Crafting,



December 12, 2007. Tags: , , . Crafty Tuesday.

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