Well, it may be a day or two late but I found two other friends to add so that will be a total of four new friends today! First, my friend Michele C. from the Holiday Charm Swap sent me a pattern for an awesome tablerunner made from, what else, charms! Well, instead of sending me a pattern she sent me a link to a blog that had the pattern. That blog belonged to Monica Soloria-Snow a.k.a. The Happy Zombie, who is so awesome because, among other things, she has been featured on the Better Homes and Gardens website as a featured blogger! How cool is that!?? So, I spent some time reading her blog and reading about her recent adventures with the storms in Oregon and on the west coast.  Her blog is fun, and fresh and totally inspiring.  I believe it was when I was reading the comments to one of her posts that I saw that there was a blog named Thimbleanna! Well, I just had to check that one out since I can’t ever resist anything with my name in it, except maybe bananas, but those don’t count because my name has two n’s.  And the coolest part about Thimbleanna’s blog? She has a section of her blogroll just dedicated to blogs by people named…Anna! Sooooo cool! I wrote her and said that I just loved her blog and told her how incredibly inspired I was when I read it and how I loved it because my name is Anna too.  She said she would be so happy to add me to her Anna Blogroll!  What a thrill!  Then, I went and just had to read the rest of the blogs she had listed by people named Anna. What fun to read such crafy blogs!  So, that was Wednesday. Then today, I went back to The Happy Zombie’s (Monica) blog to do some blog surfing and see who she recommends. Staring with the “A’s” I clicked on AfricanKelli‘s blog and started reading all about this Flickr group that was making projects from Amy Butler’s InStitches. Well, I was hooked after that. Unfortunately, that sew along, which lasted for this entire YEAR, is coming to an end, but they are revving up for next year’s group! They are already picking a new book and everything.  I so wish that I could have been a part of that group this year! Now I just HAVE to get that book! I have always loved Amy Butler’s fabrics and patterns, and every time I have seen this book I have just drooled, but now that I have seen all the possibilities for this book, it’s a must have! I immediately looked it up on the Barnes and Noble website and sent the link to my dad, declaring that I would be extremely happy to get that exact book for a Christmas present (or a gift card to B&N).  Hey, why not, I am a grown up now, I can do that if I want, right?  Oh, sorry I digress, so the Flickr group is actually sort of a collaboration between AfricanKelli and Finny Knits who is my fourth Friday Friendsday friend.  Her blog is funny and cute and has awesome pictures. And, hey how can I NOT be friends with ANYONE who is an Amy Butler-aholic like I am? You won’t know this until you read their blogs, but they actually got Amy Butler to choose a winner for their flickr group contest! And she’s sending out the prizes! That is just way cool!  I really like what Finnyknits says about the chili recipe she posted,

“And just to forewarn the meat fearful out there – this is not a vegetarian chili recipe. And that is because good chili, to me, means meat, and meat means two kinds of meat: beef and bacon. So if you’re all “Ew! Meat is gross! And OMG bacon? ACK!” or whatever, go away so I can talk about the meat in my Best Ever Chili Almost. Later you can come back and we’ll talk about tofu (which I also like) or something less freaky for you.” 

That’s what I’m talking about! Haha, that’s just to poke fun at my sister who is taking a month off from the Internet and will probably not ever even read this!

Well, that’s about all for my Friendsday post. I hope that as you go off on your blogging adventures, you enjoy reading their posts as much as I have in the last couple of days. Just take a break from the Christmas holiday season hustle and bustle, sit in front of the computer with your favorite beverage, relax, and live vicariously through other people for a little while. That’s what I do every day and it helps keep me sane! Until next time.

Happy Blog Surfing,



December 14, 2007. Tags: , , , . friendsday.

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