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If you will direct your attention to the side bar at right, you will see I have made a few changes. I am slowly learning how to work this blog thing. The writing part, that’s easy, inserting pictures, piece of cake, but when it comes to putting in cool links in the sidebar, that has taken some trial and error. I found a great way to promote the breast cancer site, I put a graphic with a link to the site in my sidebar! So, every time you visit my blog, you can click the link to go to the breast cancer site and donate a mammogram. For every click they get in December, they are doubling the number of mammograms donated. I also signed up for a daily e mail reminder to remind me to click, and I have clicked almost every day in December, YEAH! You may also notice that I added an image that is called a “badge” to reflect my social network group called Quilting Friends. This is a group of people, most of whom already read this blog, who love to quilt and show off their work. You can join too if you like sewing and quilting.  Just click the badge that says “I am a member of Quilting Friends” and it should take you to the site where you can join! Social networking is very fun and is another extension of the blogging world, I think (think My Space for grown ups).  In addtion to those two new images over there, I have a link to an awesome blog and quilt shop called Sew Mama Sew. And wayyy down at the bottom is my blog roll. Sometimes I wish that this blog let me put stuff on both sides of the text so that you wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down to see links and stuff. Well, perhaps I’ll figure out how to fix that one day. 

In Sewing News

There isn’t much to report today. My mom came over last night because we had planned to go to the Quilt Guild Christmas party. But, at the last minute I changed my mind and we went out to dinner and then made cookies when we got back. Well, started making cookies, then my mom had to leave to pick up my dad who was done with his graduation ceremony (he’s a professor).  Poor dad, he has to attend three graduation ceremonies this week, one last night as a representative of the Accounting department, one tonight because his Ph.D. student is finishing her degree and he gets to hood her in the ceremony, and one on Saturday because that’s when I walk the stage to complete my M.A. in Education! I actually finished my degree back in August but the ceremony is tomorrow. OK, sorry, that’s not really quilting related.  I have been attending Christmas parties and haven’t really had a lot of time to sew lately. My Secret Swapper Sisters from November and December sent me some great packages. My swapper sister for November is from Denmark! I was so impatient to get that package and it arrived on Wednesday. Then, last night when I checked the mail, there was the package from my SS for December! Wow, two goody packages in one week!  The one last night had this book called “The Dorky Homemade Look” and it is just a hilarious book! It’s by the same woman who wrote “Stash Envy.” As soon as I finish this one, I am going to pass it on to my mother in law because I think she’ll really get a big kick out of it.  It’s one of those books that only quilters would understand, for example, one of the chapters is called “The Zen of Seam Ripping” and another one is “It’s OK, No One Will Notice” which is exactly what I tell my mom, ALL the time! Well, sorry that this post is sort of boring. I assume that everyone is so busy working on their Christmas projects that they don’t have time to post a comment here. That’s OK. I know people are reading it and that’s all that matters. I am so thrilled to have made so many quilty friends this year through this blog and other groups. It has really added interest to my life and hobby.  Until next time.

Happy Quilting.



December 14, 2007. Tags: , , . Quilting, random stuff.

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