Just Another Manic Monday…

Sorry to whomever is the artist who sings this song. I am not trying to rip off your idea.  This is the Monday before Christmas, of course it’s going to be manic! Merriam Webster online defines manic like this, “affected with, relating to, characterized by, or resulting from mania” which is what you get when you put off Christmas shopping until the last minute. Actually I challenged myself to try to make all the gifts for my family this year. I didn’t do too bad. I checked my list today and out of the 9 people I am giving gifts to, only two or three will be getting a non-home made gift. There is a reason for this, those three people are…GUYS! And guys are notoriously difficult to shop for, let alone figure out something to make home made for!  I also find it completely ironic that the year that I decide I want to make home made gifts, I see many store bought gifts that would probably be “perfect” for a particular someone.  So, what I am going to attempt to do is, supplement a store bought gift with a home made gift. Part of the reason behind that is time limitations which is the classic excuse but I am pretty proud of myself for what I have made to give to people. I will have to wait until after Christmas to post pictures because I just found out that my sister in law might be reading my blog, and I don’t want to give any surprise away! My hubby is one of those GUYS that it is sort of difficult to shop for. We have already bought a large item for our home this year but since I have been dropping hints about wanting a new iron (for pressing, NOT ironing!), I think I may have to get him something but I am at a loss as to what he would even like to receive! Another guy on the list is my brother in law, whom I don’t even know especially well.  I think I might have enough time to get some fleece and make him a blanket. They are going to be up there in Montana for at least six more months and I am sure most of those will be cold.  Then at least I can feel like I made another gift to give.  The last of those three guys is my dad, I am still planning to make him a home made present, even if it was made on the computer, but I just had to buy him a CD that I saw that I know he will love. Luckily, I shopped around and feel as though I got a pretty good deal on it.  Isn’t the Internet awesome?  Other than those guys’ gifts, I feel pretty relaxed about Christmas.  I want the day to be more about spending time with family than presents anyway. It is important to appreciate this time with them before we have kids running around causing chaos.  Well, they probably won’t even run around for a few years, but you get the idea, right?  I might post some more progress on Christmas projects later this week, but if not, I’ll check back after the holiday. Lots of resolutions brewing up there in my head. Until next time.

Happy Holidays,



December 17, 2007. Tags: , . Holidays, random stuff.

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