A Scenario a.k.a. Market Research

Imagine this scenario: You are at a busy craft fair. You are walking down the crowded isles trying to see what people are offering for sale. Mostly it’s just stuff that you say, “Ahh, I could make that!” and go to the next booth. I do this all the time by the way.  So you are walking along and you stop in your tracks. You see something that is a bit different from anything you have seen all day. You see a very useable and yet attractive gift option. What is it? It’s a variety of containers holding a variety of items based on a theme. So, for the sewing/quilting enthusiast we have a sewing basket open and overflowing with sewing items such as a rotary cutter, some extra blades, a very nice pair of scissors, a mug with a lid (to prevent spilling on precious fabric), some chocolate, and a few fat quarters of the most beautiful colors around. This is all wrapped up in cellophane with a tasteful bow. Then, next to that is another gift basket, but this is a mixing bowl with baking related items, such as a mini muffin or mini loaf pan, some measuring spoons and measuring cups, a package of muffin mix, some chocolate and the most adorable apron you have ever seen.  This is all wrapped up in cellophane as well. So, it is the moment of truth, do you a) keep walking and think “I can make that myself” when you know you probably will never have the time to or b) grab one of each because these are so unique and well thought out that it would make the perfect gift for everyone on your list?  I personally, think my choice would be “b” if the price was right. You have to factor in the cost of the items in the basket and the time it took to make it.  I am really just curious because I was thinking about making these sorts of items and selling them. But I am not sure that people will purchase them or just rip off the idea.  Normally market reasearch would probably be done within the area where one plans to sell said items, but in this case, I may eventually sell these online which expands the market to everywhere, so I thought I would offer this out to the world of bloggers and blog readers and see what you say. Please feel free to comment or to send me an e mail response. Thanks so much! Tonight is my beginner’s quilt class and we are learning paper piecing, whooppeeee!  Until next time.

 Happy Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary Shopping,



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  1. Ruth replied:

    That is hard to say. We have done a lot of craft fairs and it seems pretty impossible to know what people will buy. We just did a craft bazaar at a church in Texas and didn’t do very well. I really thought the cat sweatshirt I had for sale would sell (you can see it on my blog). I had made 4, one for me, one for my sister, one for a friend and had one left over (the size wasn’t quite right for anyone). I think they are really cute, but no one really was very interested. I keep trying to think of good ideas; something not too expensive to make, that people will want. Good luck! Where do you sell things?

  2. Lisa replied:

    I like getting themed baskets for gifts. Personally, I would probably put the basket together myself. I have done these before and enjoy doing them. I like shopping for the items. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like to shop or don’t have the time so would probably buy a basket that is put together already. I really think that looking at the area you are in has a lot to do with success at craft fairs especially if you have a higher priced items like the baskets. I love doing craft fairs and have found that in areas that have less money I sell my less expensive items and areas that have more money I sell more of my bigger priced items. A nicely done table draws a lot of attention and draws you out of the sea of tables. Every year people tell me I have the nicest table hands down and the quality of my items are very nice. You can get a lot of attention if you have a nice set up. Looking and being professional is key. As far as internet, it’s hard to say. People seem to have less time anymore and are shopping more online. Take a look at your online competition and see how they are doing and if you can come up with something that makes your baskets stand out from the rest. Advertising and getting your self higher on the search results is key to your success online. Anyway, that is what I think about the whole thing. LOL. 🙂 Oh forgot to say, If I were buying a gift for someone that would have to be sent in the mail I would probably consider buying a basket online and have it sent directly to them. We own a business with a store front and tend to do more business with other business owners we know who give us business. So if we had a choice to buy something from a person that we do not know or has never done business with us over someone that has done business with us, we would choose the person who has done business with us even if there item is higher priced than the other. That is the way it works when you have a store front business, you want to help each other out. So if you start you little business I would buy from you because you are a friend. 🙂 Good Luck!

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