12 Eco-Friendly Days of Christmas

Sorry, this isn’t really sewing related. I haven’t done much sewing lately. I finished a fleece blanket for my brother in law (sister’s hubby), but I didn’t sew that, just rotary cut fringe on the edge, SEW easy!  I did finish a present for my sister in law (my hubby’s sister) but I can’t post pics until after Christmas, oh, I guess I’ll have to unwrap it to take pictures, or maybe I’ll take a picture of her after she receives it.  Last night I was watching TV with hubby laying on the couch practically asleep, for some reason I got inspired to sing and make up words to a new version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Here is what I came up with (you have to sing the song in your head, or out loud if you wish):

12 Eco-Friendly Days of Christmas

1 Toyota Pruis Hybrid

2 recycle bins

3 Low flow toilets

4 rain chains


6 windtricity mills

7 raised bed gardens

8 organically fed goats a-milking

9 free range hens a-laying

10 compact florescent light bubs

11 canvas grocery bags

12 air tight windows 

 So, how does that sound? I am thinking of writing one for sewing as well, on the first day of a Quilter’s Christmas my true love gave to me…1 Bernina Sewing machine. (Which he DID give to me on Christmas two years ago!) But the above song also reflects one of my resolutions for the new year, to be more eco-friendly. I don’t know if I can get the goats or the hens, but my parents have hens and are planning on getting some goats to raise so they are part of my song as well. I hope this made you smile and that you have a very happy and eco-friendly holiday. Remember, the best thing about sewing is that the items we make, tote bags, curtains, quilts, can last a long time and can be eco-friendly at the same time. We can make tote bags for the grocery store, in fact, here is a great tutorial that I found from a quilting list. By the way, I LOVE Valori Wells’ fabrics as well as her patterns so when she offers a FREE pattern, I have to love it! Oh, and curtains can be made to help insulate the house. My house leaks like a seive and part of our resolution is to caulk our windows so we can save electricity (it’s on my Honey Do list for my hubby since he’s off for TWO weeks for Christmas!) And quilts are awesome for adding warmth which can allow you to lower your thermostat, saving you money and reducing the amount of electricity you use. Yeah! Eco friendly quilters! Until next time.

Merry Eco-Friendly Christmas,



December 21, 2007. Tags: , , . random stuff.

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  1. room design replied:

    That’s an interesting idea! LOL.

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