Quilter’s Christmas Confessions

I was wrapping presents and thought of something funny. I hope you get a laugh as you answer the following questions…

Have You Ever:

1) Used fabric to wrap a present because you a) ran out of wrapping paper or b) it was much prettier (I am guilty of this)

2) Used fabric glue in leu of tape because you a) ran out of tape or b) it was faster (I am guilty of this)

3) Used a rotary cutter to cut your wrapping paper (an old blade of course)

4) Realized you forgot to get a gift for (fill in the blank), stared madly at your scrap pile and furiously sewn together the scraps into, well, something, because who can turn down a HOME MADE gift, right?

5) Bought some fabric, wrapped it and wrote on the label To: (Your name here) From: Santa so that husband wouldn’t get suspicious/upset/mad/(fill in word here) because you bought MORE fabric

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, congratulations, you are now officially a member of Fabricoholics Annoymous. They meet once a month to share stories of their journey to acceptance and to show off the stuff they have made, to avoid embarassment, they meet under the name of Quilt Guild.

Another funny and TRUE story. My mom and I went to the fabric store yesterday, she was COMPLETELY focused on her goal, find fabric for the sashing for her quilt. I, on the other hand, was completely distracted by all the beautiful fabric, of course. I madly grabbed kit after kit because I heard they were 15 or 20 percent OFF, and how COULD I turn that down? But as I was checking out, I said, “And I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more fabric” Ready for the funny part? The nice lady at the cash register said, “Oh, don’t you know, kits don’t count toward your stash! They don’t count as buying more fabric…” HAHAHA. I was so relieved! In that case, I only bought one pattern and a set of about 10 fat quarters. Not much at all (those two kits I bought don’t count.) Plus, I have no idea why I did this but I bought kits to make BABY blankets! One in blue flannel, which I just HAD to have because it had a moon theme, and I can’t pass up anything with a moon theme (my last name, Luna, means moon). The second kit, a group of pink fabrics to make a PINK BABY BLANKET, not in flannels and not with moons but still very cute! Don’t really have any idea why I purchased those, except, a) they were on sale, b) they included all fabric including the backing, and c) I just know that SOMEDAY I will have children, either a boy or a girl so I have all my bases covered. I just hope that my mother in law didn’t buy that kit with the moon fabric back in April when we were there for the shop hop. That would be sort of funny. Well, I suppose I should go and finish that last little project I need to get done before, gulp, TOMORROW! I have always had a problem with procrastination. Until next time.

Happy Stitching,


December 23, 2007. Tags: , . Holidays, random stuff.


  1. thedomesticdiva replied:

    LOL! Guess I’m in the club, too! Oh and what a relief to know KITS don’t count as part of the stash!

    Happy Holidays!

    with friendship,

  2. Lauri replied:

    Hey Lunachick…you’re a tough girl to track down! lol!
    So…ya-hoooooooo! Another SA blogger! Always fun to have and meet. We are running out of the house now, but I will definitely be back to read more of your blog! Feel free to email me, and maybe we can meet at a Starbucks or something sometime; let me know what side of town you are on…I probably know a Starbucks near there. I swear I’m not a psycho…just very social. I hope that isn’t the same thing. I won’t stalk you, anyway. lol!

    You’ll also have to check out Monica Andrade’s blog…can’t remember the link but I’m sure there is one on my sidebar. She lives over here (North of 1604) by me. She is so sweet and makes the cutest things!


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