Bags, Bags, Bags

I guess that yesterday really was a craft Tuesday because I started on one of my UFOs, the Frenchy Bag. You may remember that I got the kit to make this bag waaay back in late Septemeber/early October as a birthday present. Well, I wasn’t allowed to open it until late October but then I immediately washed all the fabrics and cut out all the pieces. By that time, it was time to start working on Christmas gifts so the Frenchy bag went to the bottom of the stack. Well, on Monday, I found a cool website that sells all sorts of neat stuff for creating bags. (See link to U-bags in the right sidebar) There was also a challenge to complete a bag, ANY bag, using one of Amy Butler’s patterns. Well, how could I go wrong with this? I mean, I already had the pieces cut, it was certainly an Amy Butler pattern, and I wanted to get going on it anyway. Only setback, the deadline is SATURDAY January 5th! That’s this week! But that didn’t phase me. I submitted my name anyway. The young lady offering the challenge will choose three winners who made the most creative bags and those lucky participants will receive a FREE Amy Butler pattern! I don’t know if mine with be especially creative, considering that the fabric is practically identical to that on the front of the pattern, but at least I’ll have finished my bag and a UFO!  And bags must be a pattern (no pun intended) for January because I also joined a bag swap! Turns out that when I tried to join the swap initially, it was full, but someone had to drop and I was asked to take her place. Now I have to come up with a creative bag and I have seen some of the competition, some very creative ladies!  So, sitting here at my computer, I have been inspired and plan to make another cute bag (probably so cute I’ll have trouble sending it away) and this one will definately be in the running! I am excited to be able to swap this bag with someone else. How fun!  I have until about mid February for that one, more time to be creative! But wait, that’s not all! I still have two more bag projects waiting for me. One is using some bright and fun fabric with fruit and veggies all over it, and the other is a messenger bag with some cute decorator weight fabrics. If I can get all those done, it will be awesome! (and nothing short of a miracle!) I will post pictures of the Frenchy bag very soon, perhaps tomorrow because I plan to go home and finish it up tonight!  Anyone else a bag fanactic like me? By the way, Amy Butler’s patterns are soooo easy to follow! I love that she uses pictures to show what she’s talking about. Until next time.

 Happy Bagging,



January 2, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Crafty Tuesday, Goals.

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