Happy Dance!

It’s DONE! Scratch one UFO OFF the list! Time to upload my pictures to the Amy Butler Bag challenge Flickr site! I am doing the happy dance! Plus, as my husband went outside to get his order that arrived from Amazon.com, there was a box for me too! Well, I wasn’t expecting anything, but as I looked through the box I thought, “Hmm this person must know me really well, she sent me all this quilting stuff!” I found a card inside, turns out I had joined a swap, a regift swap. You walk around your house and find stuff that you won’t use anymore but that you think your swap partner will like. Well, thanks Alice in Kingswood, TX for all the awesome quilting stuff! The weird part is that I had never heard of Kingswood, TX until I met Lauri on Sunday for coffee. She used to live there, it’s near Houston. So imagin my surprise when I got a box from Kingswood!  So strange that of all the swappers and all the places they could be from, it’s Kingswood. And one of the things she sent me? A tote bag from the Houston Quilt Festival! I have always wanted to go and I am definately going in 2008, with Lauri!  Thanks again Alice.

Pictures of the Frenchy Bag

A note: I have made two bags using Amy Butler patterns and they are very well thought out and explained. Some people, who are more experienced, complain that they are TOO detailed but that is what I LOVE about Amy Butler’s patterns! The Fat Quarter Shop has the Frenchy Bag pattern on sale right now. Check it out!

     frenchybaginside.jpg                      frenchybag1.jpg              fenchybaginside2.jpg


 I made it all by myself! No problems! Love it! Totally love it! Now I am off to upload these to the flickr site for the challenge! Yeah!!! Until next time,

 Happy Stitches to you,



January 3, 2008. Tags: , , . sewing.


  1. Michele C replied:

    Good job, Anna. I just finished a UFO, too, and posted it on my blog. I have made a couple Amy Butler patterns in the past and love her fabrics. I think my favorite one was the nappie bag which I embroidered on as well. I wish I had pictures, but those were the days before blogging and show and tell! — Michele

  2. San replied:

    Great job!

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